How to do Vape Tricks Like a Pro

How to do Vape Tricks Like a Pro

Although hitting your vape is fun on its own, especially when it's full of THC, having a couple of easy vape tricks up your sleeve to show off at the function brings it to a whole new level! Plus, learning smoke tricks is easy and just takes a little bit of practice. With this handy how-to guide on easy vape tricks, we’ll walk you through how to do vape tricks that will impress your smoke circle!

How to do Vape Tricks

Before you begin working on your vape pen tricks, we recommend eliminating as many wind sources from the room as possible. Close your windows, turn off any fans, and your A/C. The less air flow there is, the more successful you’ll be at properly

How to Ghost Inhale

For our first trick, we will be teaching you how to Ghost Inhale. Often referred to as the Snap Inhale, Mushroom Cloud, or simply “Smoke Ghosting”, this easy vape trick is a great place to begin honing in on your skills.

The Ghost Inhale is essentially just creating a ball of vapor within your mouth, exhaling it, then quickly sucking it back into your mouth until it "disappears". To do this, start by taking a long drag from your vape pen and let it sit in your mouth for a few seconds. Next, try to form the vapor into a ball by puffing your cheeks out and sucking them back in. The key is to keep the vapor in your mouth and not inhale it into your lungs. Once the vapor has condensed, push it out of your mouth with your tongue or a small exhale. Be careful not to blow it out! When the vapor ball is out of your mouth, quickly inhale to suck it back in.

Practice makes perfect so, don’t get discouraged if you don’t do it on your first try. Once you’ve mastered the Ghost Inhale, you’ll understand the name -- it’s gone as quickly as it appears!

Mastering the French Inhale

If you want to learn how to French Inhale so you can make Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa proud, you came to the right place! The French Inhale is easy to master if you already know how to ghost a vape. This is because both tricks use the same technique.

You’ll want to start by hitting your vape and holding the smoke in your cheeks. Wait until a vapor cloud starts to condense in your mouth and then slowly open your mouth to release the smoke. Like with the Ghost Inhale, make sure you aren’t pushing all the vapor out. Next, all you have to do is inhale through your nose instead of your mouth!

If inhaling the smoke through your nose causes you discomfort, don’t worry! We have plenty more smoke tricks you can learn that don’t involve your sniffer.

How to Blow O's

If you have always wondered how to blow o's, it's an easy beginner trick that is super satisfying! The first step for blowing o’s is how you position your mouth. Your mouth has to be in a round O position that's not too big or too small. Next, position the vapor towards the back of your throat, exhale, and push out small amounts of vapor by snapping the back of your tongue upward in a short, pulsing motion. You can also think about it as pushing out a small cough using your throat. We know that sounds strange but it works. Once you combine these tips, you’ll be blowing smoke rings like a pro in no time!

Mastering the Bull Ring Smoke Trick

After you’ve perfected the art of blowing o’s, you can move on to working on your next trick: The Bull Ring. The bull ring smoke trick is super easy once you’ve already learned how to blow o’s and french inhale. All you have to do is blow an o, and inhale it through your nose. This will create the illusion that you have a bull ring. Just remember to slow down through the process so you don’t break up the ring!

The Dragon Smoke Trick

Our next trick is called the Dragon. As the name suggests, the Dragon will have you looking like one of our favorite mythological beasts! By blowing the vapor out through the sides of your mouth and your nose, you’ll create a very cool effect. Plus, it's an easy vape trick to master once you get your technique down.The important part is to remember to keep the middle of your mouth shut while the sides are left open. As with the Ghost Inhale, start with a long drag, but don’t inhale fully into your lungs. When your mouth is full of vapor, forcefully exhale simultaneously out of your nose and the sides of your mouth. Masses of vapor will flow out, looking like a dragon ready to spew fire!

Just like all other aspects of life, vape pen tricks take time and dedication, and if you keep working at them, these techniques will become second nature. Eventually, you can even blend them together to create new tricks of your own. Until then, these easy vape tricks should be just what you need to impress everyone at the sesh!

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