What Does Battery mAh Mean?

What Does Battery mAh Mean?

When shopping for a vape battery for concentrates, you’ll see a specification for the “mAh.” While it does have to do with energy, it’s not actually referring to the voltage of the battery, which makes it all a bit confusing. With all the options out there, knowing what the mAh means will help you select the best device for you.


What does mAh mean?

MAh stands for “milliamperes per hour,” which is a measurement of power over time. In layman’s terms, that means your battery’s mAh represents the amount of power it’s capable of holding, and how long it will last between charges.

A battery’s power capacity, the mAh, is different than how much power the battery actually puts out, which is the battery’s voltage. Think of the mAh like a gas tank in a car. Some cars have much larger tanks, but that doesn’t mean they can’t go just as fast as a car with a small tank. It also doesn’t necessarily determine how many miles it gets to the gallon. A battery with a higher mAh (like the Ooze 1100 Twist battery, with 1100 mAh) will last longer between charges, but will also take longer to reach a full charge when it’s out of power than a battery with a lower mAh.


Why does the mAh matter?

Ooze has 320, 450, 500, 650, 900 and 1100 mAh batteries, which obviously last for varying times before needing a charge. A 500 mAh battery should easily last you a day if you’re a heavy user, and more if it’s less frequent. However, if you’re going camping or on a busy vacation where it will be tough to charge it every day or so, it’s nice to have a higher mAh.

No matter what the power capacity of your battery is, using it at a higher voltage (controlled by a dial on the bottom of the battery or clicking the button) will cause it to run out more quickly.


All 15 colors of the Ooze Slim Twist vape pen. The Panter Black pen and charger are shown on top, and the bottom says 320 mAh
The 4 colors of the Ooze Vault vape pen battery are shown. The black Vault is shown at the top with the secret compartment opened to reveal the hidden atomizer. The bottom says 450 mAh.
All 11 colors of the Ooze Quad square vape battery are shown. The Arctic Blue pen and charger are on the top, and the bottom says 500 mAh.
All Ooze batteries with 650 mAh are shown. From left to right they are a rainbow Tanker,  blue Novex, black Fusion, Gusher globe, black 650, and gold 650 twist.
All Ooze batteries with 900 mAh are shown. From left to right they are a gold Duplex, chrome 900, and rainbow 900 twist.
Both Ooze batteries with 1100 mAh are shown. On the left is a black 1100 standard, and on the right is a gold 1100 Twist.

Other ways to extend your battery’s life

Some batteries, like the Quad, have an auto shut-off feature. If you're like most pen battery users, you aren't actively shutting it off every time you finish taking a puff. However, shutting the battery off while you aren't using it can make it last way longer between charges! The auto shut-off feature waits 12 minutes before it shuts itself off so you can still rip it multiple times in a row without delay. For batteries that don't feature auto-off, making a conscious effort to shut it off when you're done will go a long way.

The way you charge your vape battery is also extremely important, regardless of the mAh. The Ooze Smart USB Charger let’s you plug in your vape and forget it, even overnight, without any worry of it overheating.  

Think of one milliamp as a single energy cell inside the battery. A 1100 mAh battery would then have 1100 energy cells inside when fully charged. At full charge, the cells are tightly packed together with no room to move. As the battery drains, the cells have more room to bounce around inside, and when it’s charging, the cells get tighter with less space.

The Ooze Smart USB charger senses when the “room is full” so to speak, and stops the flow of energy to the device as soon as it’s fully charged. This prevents your battery from overheating, which can easily happen with a different charger that keeps pumping cells into an already packed space. Doesn’t sound like a pleasant experience for anyone. Not only is this a fire hazard, it greatly weakens your battery and shortens its life. Because of this, make sure you only use the Ooze USB charger with your Ooze batteries that charge via 510 USB or your warranty on the product will be void.

Ultimately, the mAh of your battery will determine how long you can get good hits from it until it needs to be charged again. Now that you’re an expert, check out all our battery options!

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