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    Smell Proof Bags

    Smell Proof Bags | Buy Odor Proof Bags and Cases » Ooze

    Shop Ooze smell-proof bags. We developed this travel bag collection of carbon-lined bags and cases to be the perfect size for your smoking accessories.

    The Traveler Series by Ooze is designed to keep you and your smoking accessories discrete and odor-free! All our storage bags are made with activated carbon, to trap odors tightly inside your smell-proof storage.

    With a sleek array of colors and designs, our carbon-lined bags and cases will have you looking and smelling fresh. Plus, we have tons of air-tight travel bag size options to choose from so you can pick the perfect size for any adventure!  

    Our carbon-lined backpacks are great for a weekend getaway with a combination lock compartment that is the perfect size for locking away your laptop, credit card, or even your rolling tray. Our odor-proof crossbody bag is the perfect size for your everyday bag. Its equipped with a vape battery storage sleeve for your Ooze pen and is an excellent companion for a hike, bike ride, or festival set. We even designed a small wristlet that makes a great smell-proof stash pouch or pocket-sized wallet. Looking for something a little bigger? We also carry a combo locking smell-proof pouch that has a customizable storage area. 

    Have any questions about our smelly proof products? Check out the Ooze Life Blog and Ooze Life Youtube channel for the latest information on all things Ooze! 

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