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Smell Proof Stash Bags & Backpacks

Ooze's Traveler Series offers discreet, odor-free travel with our activated carbon-lined bags, ensuring smells stay locked in.

We developed this smell-proof travel bag collection of carbon-lined bags and cases to be the perfect size for your smoking accessories.

Choose from various stylish, sleek designs and sizes to fit any journey. Our range includes everything from backpacks with secure compartments for valuables to versatile crossbody bags perfect for daily use, complete with vape storage. Our wristlets double as stash pouches or wallets for minor needs, while our larger pouches feature customizable storage with combination locks. Travel smart and fresh with Ooze.

Discreet Travel Solutions with Smell Proof Bags

Explore the Traveler Series by Ooze, crafted to ensure you and your smoking essentials. remain discreet and odors-free. Our lineup of smell-proof bags incorporates activated carbon technology, effectively sealing odors within your smell-proof case. Featuring a modern selection of colors and patterns, our carbon-lined shoulder and crossbody bags are designed to keep you both stylish and odor-free. With various air-tight travel bag sizes available, finding the ideal fit for any excursion has never been easier!

For those seeking an extended escape, our carbon-lined, smell-proof backpacks offer the perfect blend of security and space, including a combination lock compartment sized right for your laptop, credit card, or rolling tray.

Our odor-proof crossbody bag, sized for daily use, comes equipped with a vape battery storage sleeve, making it an excellent choice for hikes, bike rides, or festivals. Our compact wristlet serves as the perfect smell-proof stash bag for cannabis or a small wallet, keeping contents discreet on the go. Unsure which smell-proof bag fits your needs? Explore ourdetailed guide to find the perfect smell-proof bagfor you. Also, discover toptips and strategiesfor traveling with your cannabis products and accessories.

A graphic showing that a laptop, tablet, phone, camera, bong, or dab rig can fit in the Ooze backpack

Multiple Styles and Features

Our carbon-lined smell-proof backpacks are great for a weekend getaway with a combination lock compartment that is the perfect size for locking away your laptop, credit card, or even your rolling tray. Our odor-proof crossbody bag is the perfect size for your everyday bag. It's equipped with a vape battery storage sleeve for your Ooze pen and is an excellent companion for a hike, bike ride, or festival set.

We even designed a small wristlet that makes a great smell-proof stash bag for weed or pocket-sized wallet.

Looking for something a little bigger? We also carry a combo locking smell-proof pouch that has a customizable storage area.

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