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The Best Smell Proof Bags of 2023

The Best Smell Proof Bags of 2023

Samantha Catrambone |

Although we all have a shared love of the dank aroma of cannabis, there will always be situations where we want to keep that familiar smell out of the noses of those around us. We've all had to devise creative ways to minimize that pungent scent of our stash in a pinch, especially when we are on the move.

Luckily this problem is a thing of the past since smell-proof bags have made traveling with bud as discrete and convenient as possible! In this blog, we will dive into the best smell proof bags we have to keep your stash on the down-low and the vibes high while traveling, providing that ease of mind knowing that your equipment is protected and undetected.

Types of Smell-Proof Bags

We offer a variety of the top smell-proof bags that will keep you looking fresh, locking in those scents until you're ready to put some smoke in the air. Our smell-proof bags come in all shapes and sizes so you can avoid unwanted attention from those trying to bring your vibe down, no matter how large your stash is!

For those who prioritize discretion and portability in their vaping experience, our portable, small vapes offers the perfect blend of convenience and efficiency. Seamlessly transition from our guide on the best smell-proof bags to ensure your adventures remain odor-free, to exploring our compact and discreet vaping solutions, tailor-made for on-the-go lifestyles.

Travel Size Smell Proof Bags: Ooze Traveler Series

We have taken the guesswork out of choosing the perfect bag with our Traveler series, providing a wide range of smell-proof storage equipment lined with activated carbon fibers to eliminate even the most potent strain's dank aroma. The traveler series comprises five bags, coming in various colors and sizes to ensure there is an option to bring your stash for any occasion. Each bag has unique qualities to store your accessories and product securely.

Bongs are among the most challenging cannabis accessories to travel with due to their fragility and variety of sizes. However, with the proper storage, you can bring your favorite piece wherever you, please! We recommend the Ooze Traveler Classic Smell-Proof Backpack, our take on the traditional backpack, upgraded with features to optimize functionality for whatever you're packing.

A blue glyco freeze bong is capped up and being put into the tan Ooze smell proof traveler backpack.

The smell-proof backpack includes two large pockets equipped with storage sleeves—the rear one includes a 3-digit lock for an added layer security. This locked pocket features a traditional laptop sleeve that can be velcro secured. It can also serve as a safe haven for your bong; the tight sleeve and velcro strap will keep it steady no matter how bumpy your travels may get.

In addition, there are multiple zippered pockets, including slots perfect for storing Ooze pens and a large front pocket to access anything quickly on the go. It also includes a mesh water bottle holder on the left side and a clip that connects to the backpack straps to prevent theft and take the stress off your back, making it ideal for long walks. This bag is also perfect for airport travel, with a sleeve on the back to slide over carry-on suitcases!

*Do not bring a bong to the airport - we don't want anyone in the Ooze crew to end up on the no-fly list.

**This lock is NOT a safe. It may deter thieves who don't want to go to the trouble, but it may not stop a very determined a**hole. However, if an authority figure happens to question you, it shows that you have your stuff locked up responsibly.

The Ooze crossbody shoulder bag is the perfect casual accessory for any occasion, like a concert, festival, or outdoor adventure. It rests across your chest or underneath the arm comfortably for whatever style you are looking for, being a perfect size but still having that powerful smell-repellent ability.

A brunette in a black tank dress is wearing the Ooze grey Crossbody bag across her chest and reaching to unzip the zipper.

This bag opens from right to left, with the left side staying slightly closed to keep your belongings from scattering on the floor, with the middle pocket slotted perfectly for Ooze pens and a mesh pocket to store all other items securely. There are two zippered pockets on the front and back of the bag, ideal for daily essentials and credit cards. In addition, the strap is equipped with a slide adjuster to ensure a perfect fit for whatever style you're going for!

This toiletry-size pouch is the perfect travel companion for your cannabis needs, with a fully customizable storage pouch to match your preferences. Open it up to reveal a double pen sleeve and a mesh flap with velcro in case you want to remove it.

Underneath the flap is the main storage compartment which is divided into three sections with velcro, which, you guessed it, can be removed to convert into one large storage area! This pouch has endless possibilities whether you want to keep your dank bud on the down low or store your toiletries for an upcoming trip!

*Again, we don’t recommend trying to bring your stash to the airport.

The wristlet is ideal for a small stash when heading to a place where cannabis isn't openly accepted! Take a small stash with you in the single zipper compartment perfect along with papers, or a small pipe and lighter.

Smell Proof Bags FAQ

Can a K9 Smell Through a Smell-Proof Bag?

Yes, dogs have excellent noses and are trained to smell your stash. Although humans may not be able to smell through our carbon-lined bags, dogs can still sniff out your stash.

Can I Wash Smell Proof Bags?

In most cases, you will want to hand wash your smell-proof bags with a damp washcloth, as most bags are rarely machine-washed. Most carbon-lined bags can be recharged using a dryer or hair dryer for 10 minutes to release the odors within.

How Do Smell Proof Bags Work?

Smell-proof bags provide an airtight seal along the top, while the active carbon lining traps the odors and eliminates them before they are able to penetrate the surface, locking in even the most potent scents.

There you have it, tons of amazing smell proof bag options for your next high adventure!

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