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Our Most Affordable Dry Herb Vape Ever! 

The Ooze Flare makes vaping flower accessible to everyone, no matter your budget.

Enjoy a smoke session anywhere, without all the smoke.

The Flare is incredibly easy to use, and functions just as beautifully as devices that cost twice as much. This is the perfect device for smokers looking to try out vaping weed for the first time!

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Getting Started:

How to Use Your Flare Dry Herb Vape for the First Time 

Register your Flare and activate the warranty. Find the authentication code card inside the box with the charger. Scratch off the section to reveal the code & fill out our Warranty Registration Form to activate your warranty.

Remove the Mouthpiece Cap & Pack with Herbs 

Fill the ceramic chamber with ground bud that has a somewhat chunky grind. Pack it firmly but not too tight, you should be able to inhale easily if there is enough airflow.

Replace the Cap & Turn the Device On 

Always make sure the cap is on when the device is on so you never waste any vapor! Click the power button 5x to turn the Flare on. The pulse wave technology will buzz once to indicate it’s on.

Select Your Temperature 

Select a temperature between 300-446°F by using the + and – buttons. Once it’s set on your desired temp, the device will automatically begin heating to that degree.

Pro Tip: to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius, hold the power button down for 3 seconds.

Your Smoke Session is Ready to Begin! 

Once the Flare reaches your set temperature, the blue indicator light will remain on. Take a puff from the straw mouthpiece and enjoy! Click the button 5x again to turn the device off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Ooze Flare Flower Vape Questions Answered!

Is Vaping Weed Better than Smoking Weed? 

+ -

While we love both methods, vaping flower is steadily growing in popularity! There’s no flame involved, which means there technically is no smoke produced. Instead, a potent vapor is released that is less harsh on your lungs.

Since the vapor is a lot less thick, it has a more mild smell and is more suitable for indoor use. Plus, once you’re done vaping a chamber full of weed, you can use the remnants (often called ABV weed) to make edibles! 

Why Does My Flare Keep Buzzing?

+ -

Your Flare is equipped with pulse wave technology, which is how it talks to you! The device vibrates to let you know it’s working properly. It will buzz to say hello as soon as it turns on, and again to say goodbye when you turn it off. 

The pulse wave tech will also buzz when the chamber reaches your desired temperature. If you didn’t set a temperature when the device turned on, the Flare will remember the temperature from your previous smoke session!

The last reason your Flare will buzz is a little reminder. After 5 minutes of consistent heating, you’ll feel a buzz to encourage you to take a break and conserve your battery power.  

How to Charge the Ooze Flare Dry Herb Vape?

+ -

A micro USB charging cable is included in each Flare package. It’s hiding behind the foam insert that holds the Flare. Pull the small tab at the top of the package to find the charger, authentication code card, and the device manual. 

Plug the micro USB into the port on the side of the device and use a wall adapter. You MUST use an Ooze charger whenever you charge your Ooze device or your warranty is void. Always charge the device indoors, never use an outlet other than a wall outlet, and never charge in a vehicle. 

Have Questions About Our Products?

Check out the Ooze Life Blog and Ooze Life Youtube channel for the latest information on the best vape pen!

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