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What is the Ooze Smart Battery?

The Ooze Smart Battery is a smarter, upgraded version of Ooze's original vape pens. This Smart pen features a new digital screen that displays voltage and battery percentage, auto shut-off, a lower voltage range for better flavor production.

Ooze Smart Battery Features

New Digital Screen Dispay

The Smart Battery's screen is small and sits right at the bottom. It'll tell you your battery % when you first turn it on, and by clicking the button 4x.The rest of the time the battery is turned on, it shows your voltage level.

New Lower Voltage Range

The Smart Battery features a wider range of voltages, just at lower temperatures. Super high voltages above 4.0V will almost certainly burn out the coil on the bottom of your cartridge, which makes it taste nasty, and might even cause a connection issue.Lower voltages are ideal for 510 carts, and will keep the terpenes in your oil tasting good until the last puff.

Auto Shut Off

The Smart Battery turns itself off after 12 minutes of inactivity. You'll be amazed at how much battery you save! This greatly increases the time in between charges.It also prevents it from heating when you don't want it to, like when it's in your pocket or bag. Just click the button 5x to wake it up.

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