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USB Vape Battery Chargers

How to Charge Ooze Pen Batteries

When your Ooze Pen is dead, it's essential to use an Ooze vape battery charger to avoid voiding your warranty. If you think all vape battery chargers are the same, the answer is no. Every Ooze vape charger comes with overcharge protection to ensure that your battery stops getting charged once it reaches total battery capacity. Other chargers do not come with this feature and can cause severe damage to your device.

To charge your Ooze Pen battery, grab the USB vape charger that came with your battery and plug it in. When the red button on your vape pen battery USB charger is no longer red, you can unplug your battery, screw your cartridge back on, and take a fat rip!

Vape Battery USB Overcharge Protection

Ooze Smart USB Chargers greatly extend the overall life of your vape battery because the design preserves battery cells. Every Ooze vape charger will automatically stop the energy flow from the power source to the battery as soon as the battery reaches a full charge.

You might ask yourself, "Can I use a fast charger on my vape?" if you are in a pinch and need your battery to be revived asap. However, if you try to use a fast charger or generic vape pen charger with your battery, it will void your Ooze warranty. That means you will no longer be able to get your battery replaced if it ends up malfunctioning. To learn more, read the Using an Ooze USB Smart Charger blog.

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