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What is a Nectar Collector? (& Why It's Sweet to Take Your Extracts To-Go)

Graphic that reads "What is a nectar collector?". A white female hand is holding a red silicone straw and green and black silicone straw, both straws have a titanium nail inserted.

Layne Alfred |

Like a hummingbird to nectar are we to our sweet concentrates—and so the “nectar collector” was created. The idea of this handy little device is to make dabbing simpler in pretty much every way for any wax user.


Although the very first nectar collector was invented almost a decade ago, it took a little time for the market to catch on. Now, many more brands offer a range of designs, shapes, sizes and functionalities to fit any dabbing lifestyle. With so many options, it can be difficult to select the right nectar collector for you.


Let’s first get back to the basics of nectar collectors, how to properly use them and why they make dabbing easier for any wax user.  


What is a Nectar Collector?

 A white female hand holds the Ultra Purple nectar collector piece from the Ooze Ozone water pipe. It is a wide silicone straw with grooves in it, and a titanium nail is inserted in the end. She is outside on a grassy lawn with fallen yellow leaves.

Also referred to as a vertical dab rig, honey straw or dab straw, the nectar collector involves less parts than a typical dab rig, making it easy to transport and carry with you. It’s essentially a straw component, which can be glass, silicone, metal or even wood, and an attachable nail, typically quartz or titanium. This makes it a great way to enjoy concentrates on the go—no one wants to lug around a clunky (and highly breakable) dab rig. All you need is your nectar collector and concentrates!


How Do I Use a Nectar Collector?

 Two Ooze Slugger Dabbin Dugouts are sitting on a couch. The Razzle Dazzle is on the left and Chameleon is on the right. A torch is being used to head up the nectar collector straw of the green and black device.

A torch is still required to dab from a nectar collector, but instead of heating the rig, you’ll heat the nail on the end of the straw. Then, dip the tip of the nail directly into your wax and take a hit! When you’re finished, pop the lid on your wax container, give the nail a quick wipe-down and you’re good to go. Along with providing a much more chill setup, having just three detachable parts makes cleaning a breeze.

 A white female hand with blue nail polish holds the After Midnight Ooze Slugger Dabbin Dugout device in front of a wall with a donut mural. The Slugger is held with the nectar collector straw on top with the glass nail inserted.

If you’re a newbie looking to invest in a nectar collector setup, Ooze has everything you need. Our Slugger Dabbin’ Dugout is a complete silicone nectar collector kit in a convenient (and discreet) storage container. This way your sticky pieces stay away from surfaces, but still all together in one place. It includes a glass nail, titanium nail, silicone nectar collector straw and glass bowl.

 The Chameleon Ooze Clobb 4-in-1 water pipe is shown with the mouthpiece detached and nail inserted to form the nectar collector. It is aimed into the included dabbing dish.

For those who enjoy wax and flower, our 4-in-1 hybrid pieces all include a nectar collector function. Use it fully assembled as a bong or dab rig and break it down to the nectar collector to take with you.


Electric Nectar Collectors

Using an electric nectar collector removes the torch from the situation completely. Butane torches can be bulky, and you might not always have smaller a butane torch lighter on hand. Plus, using a torch can be scary for someone who's never used one! Electric nectar collectors have a heat source that is powered by a battery or outlet, so there's no need to go near a flame.

The black Ooze x Stache ConNectar electric nectar collector is attached to a black Ooze Slim Twist vape pen and is being dipped into a jar of wax by a white person's hand.

The Ooze x Stache ConNectar is a 510 thread attachment that screws onto the top of a vape battery, instantly turning it into an electric nectar collector! This genius, affordable accessory is incredibly simple to use. Screw the base on the battery like a cartridge, slide the straw mouthpiece and push it down, and the screw the Clapton coil tip on the top. Press the button to heat it up, and dab right out of your jar of wax.

A white person's hand is holding the gold Ooze Pronto electric nectar collector against a white background.

The Ooze Pronto is a complete handheld device that is also an electric nectar collector. This can be taken just about anywhere, and the compact size is small enough to fit in a pocket or purse. This super simple device is easy enough for new users to master, and longtime dabbers will love how portable it is. Press the button to heat the tip, just like a regular Ooze battery, and insert the tip right into the jar to take your dab. Concentrates don't have to be a sticky mess to use!


More Nectar Collector Tips 

The Teal Ooze Bectar is shown being used as a nectar collector with the titanium nail inserted into the bottom. The nail is inserted in the matching teal Geode stash jar to mimic taking a dab. A large black torch is on the table in the background.

  • To make the experience as simple as possible, make sure you keep your wax in a container you can dab directly out of. This way, you only have to keep your nectar collector, torch and wax container on hand to take an authentic dab! Our Geode storage containers are great for travelers, hikers, or commuters. Its silicone exterior makes it super durable and of course, you can dab right out of it. These jars are included with most of our silicone pieces!
  • Nectar collectors with water bubbler functions will make hits much smoother. Our Bectar piece is the same length as a typical handheld nectar collector but includes a water chamber in the straw for filtration and a fat, chilled hit.
  • The nail or coil tip comes into contact with sticky wax, so it's vital to keep this important piece as clean as possible. Give it a wipe after each session is complete, we recommend using a pre-soaked Micro Swab for the quickest and easiest results. 
  • The ConNectar's Clapton coils will clog over time. Soak the entire coil tip in alcohol for a deep cleaning session. If you're experiencing a burnt or unpleasant taste even after cleaning, it's time to replace the coils. We have replacement 2-packs to refresh your device.


For the simpler way to dab, the nectar collector is half the setup with just as good of a hit. Especially perfect for those who love to travel and be outdoors, it’s the most durable and maintainable option for dabbing on the go. Check out all our Ooze products with nectar collectors and find the best one for your ideal smoking experience.


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