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It's Taurus Season

Celebrating EVERY Taurus! (sun, moon, rising, etc)


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Stay Grounded with the Earth Bundle!

We know you Tauruses love a routine, and this bundle has just what you need to set yourself up for plenty of future dab sessions.You like what you like and there's no way around it! The Electro Barrel is a gorgeous little rig buddy that will never leave your side.

It provides the perfect amount of couch lock, because you aren't lazy, you just know how to relax!

April Birthstone: DIAMOND

Not to sound biased, but April has the best birthstone by far! Who doesn't want to be iced out head to toe in diamonds? That's why we selected the New Ice Bundle as the perfect gift for April babies. It's a versatile pair of dripped out Ooze pens: a white Quad and a Polar Pearl Twist Slim Pen 2.0. Keep one charged as a backup, or use one for carts and one with a Hot Knife to turn it into an electric dab tool!

Whatever lights your fire 🔥

May Birth: Emerald

The Emerald is truly a crown jewel. This rich, luxurious green stone is fit for royalty, and anyone born in May is lucky to wear this birthstone! Our Mary Jade Bundle comes with three of our favorite pearly-green devices. It's more versatile than meets the eye, like the Emerald can flawlessly pair with so many color schemes.

It includes 3 vapes to use for more than just 510 oil cartridges.

The Taurus Ooze Product

The Electro Barrel

  • Dependable
  • Hoping tonight's plans cancel so they can stay home instead
  • "Maybe just on more hit…"

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