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What is the Duplex 2?

The Duplex 2 is our most innovative, versatile C-Core device yet! This is a new and improved version of our fan-favorite Duplex vaporizer.

The original Duplex is a beast for 510s. We kept all the features that won this device Best Vaporizer at the Cannabis Cup, and added our signature C-Core technology.

The Duplex 2 features 3 unique ways to vape. Use a 510 oil cartridge, load a dab into the Onyx Atomizer, or use the very first C-Core XL Nectar Tip that turns the device into a nectar straw.

The Ooze Duplex 2 Features:

Battery Life Indicator

Flex Temp

Pulse Wave Technology

IntelliThread Technology

Great Battery Life

Heavy Metal Free

How to Use the Ooze Duplex 2

Before using your Duplex 2 for the first time, register your device to activate the warranty. Locate the authentication code under the trigger plate, near the charging port.

Register Your Device

How to Use a 510 Cart with the Duplex 2

The Duplex 2 is our very first fully concealable vape! You can't seen any of the cartridge when you're using the device, so it's more discreet than a regular Ooze pen.

Pull the base out of the Duplex 2 and screw in your oil cartridge. Reconnect the base and the pulse wave will buzz when the IntelliThread tech makes the connection to the cartridge.

Click the button 3x to change the voltage. You can press the button while you inhale, or just take a puff. The Duplex 2 is an auto draw device.

How to Use the Onyx Atomizer with the Duplex 2

The Onyx Atomizer screws into the same spot as a 510 thread cartridge. Pull the base out of the device and screw the atomizer in. We find it's easier to screw the bucket into the base before loading your dab, so you have something to hold on to.

Load your dab into the center of the azul ceramic dish in the Onyx Atomizer. We highly recommend using an electric dab tool; you won't need to scrape your dabber on the side, which will waste wax and leave it stuck around the rim. It's the easiest way to stick your dab exactly where you want it!

We recommend holding the button down while you take a hit with the Onyx Atomizer. Press the button for 1-2 seconds before taking a puff to prime the azul ceramic. Use your finger as a carb cap by covering the hole on the bottom to control your airflow. Enjoy dab rig-sized hits without the torch!

How to Use the XL Nectar Tip with the Duplex 2

The Duplex 2 is our very first C-Core nectar straw! The XL Nectar Tip features the same azul ceramic that's in the Onyx Atomizer. It has a huge surface so it creates big terpene flavors.

Screw the XL tip onto the bottom of the base so instead of being concealed, it's sticking out. Skip loading your dab entirely, just stick the tip right into your jar of wax!

We recommend using the auto draw function when using the nectar straw. Just dip into the jar and inhale! The tip will heat as soon as you take a breath.

The Duplex 2 features IntelliThread technology, which means that it has a special sensor in the 510 thread that instantly detects the exact type of accessory you attach. It knows when you screw in a cart, and it knows when you're using the Onyx Atomizer or XL tip.

  • This smart sensor allows the device to match the coil resistance of your attachment. With an old vape pen, you may have noticed that some oil cartridges feel like there is too much airflow and you can't get a decent hit.

    That's because your battery and your cartridge are operating at different coil resistances, and it's not a good match. The Duplex 2 can match any 510 attachment for maximum airflow!

  • The Duplex 2's pulse wave technology will buzz to confirm the connection when you put the base back in the device and when the XL tip is attached. When you attach the Onyx Atomizer, the IntelliThread aligns perfectly. The atomizer's air pathway is specially designed for sub-ohm vaping.

    This means you'll puff massive clouds that are full of rich, terpene flavors!

How to Charge the Duplex 2

Every Duplex 2 includes a type-c charging cable. Connect the cable to a wall adapter and plug it into a wall outlet.

Plug the cable into the port under the magnetic trigger plate on the device. The 4 LED lights act as your battery life indicator. As the Duplex 2 reaches full charge, the lights will continue to light up until they reach the top, which means the device is at 100%.

The Duplex 2 is equipped with pass-through charging, so you can use it while it's plugged in! No need to let a dead battery kill your vibe.

Duplex 2 Parts

What it is Benefits How to Use


Ceramic bucket to load dabs into

100% heavy metal free

Amazing airflow

Deep bucket produces big, flavorful clouds

Pull base down & screw bucket in

Load dab in & press button to heat


Big ceramic tip to dab right out of the jar

Massive tip surface creates bold terpene flavors

Precise control of your dab

Screw XL tip under the base & aim into the jar

Press button to heat

510 OIL

Pre-filled oil cartridge
(not included)

Quick & easy, no setup needed

Cartridge is completely sealed inside

Pull base down & screw cart in

Press button or simply inhale to take a hit

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