Ooze Tokins

Why You Should Sign Up for Ooze Tokins

Are you a loyal Ooze fan who always needs the newest hot
product? Now you can earn rewards just by being you (and being awesome). Before
your next purchase, sign up for our Ooze Tokins loyalty program!

We also offer double or even triple Tokins rewards during
holidays or other flash sales. For example, you earned triple points on Oil
Day, 7/10.

  • What are Ooze Tokins?

    Each single reward point earned is called a Tokin (aren’t we
    clever?). There are four different tiers for the program, and the higher the
    tier the more Tokins you’ll earn per dollar spent. Plus, the higher the tier,
    the higher rewards you’ll earn on your birthday!

  • What do I get for my Tokins?

    Save up your points to earn big savings on your purchases.
    Rewards include 15-20% off, $5-$10 off, sticker bundles, limited edition Ooze swag, and more.

  • How do I sign up for Ooze Tokins?

    Simply create an account if you haven’t already, which will track your orders and rewards. Or, visit our homepage and click the box with the star in the lower left to become a member. Either way, your purchases will be tracked and add up to your current amount of redeemable Tokins. Not seeing the launcher on the homepage? Click here.

  • Does Ooze have a referral program?

    Yes! Referrals are also part of Tokins Rewards. Once you're logged in, click the box in the lower left and scroll to the bottom of the options. Copy and send your referral code to a friend. They will receive $5 off their purchase, and after their purchase is complete, you will receive $7 off your next purchase (within 30 days)!

VIP Tier Overview

VIP Tier Spend Pts Awarded For Tier Move
Half Baked
Any new sign up
$0 420
Entry - Any new sign up
Hot Box  $50 250
Mids  $100 500
Mile High Club  $300 850

Points Per $1 Spent Update

VIP Tier Points Per $1 Spent Previous Points
Half Baked
Entry - Signs Up
1 No Change
Hot Box
Spend $50
2 1
Spend $100
4 1
Mile High Club
Spend $300
6 2

Birthday Points Update

VIP Tier Birthday Points Previous Points
Half Baked
Entry - Signs Up
300 No Change
Hot Box
Spend $50
420 300
Spend $100
710 300
Mile High Club
Spend $300
1000 No Change

Reward Update

New Reward New Points Needed Old Reward Old Points Needed
Chroma Fan 1500 None! New Reward -
Chroma Clock 5100 None! New Reward -
Chroma Beach Blanket 7100 None! New Reward -
15% 500 $5 Coupon 500
Sticker Bundle 710 New Reward -
$5 Off 1000 $10 Coupon 1000
$7 Gift Card 2500 $15 Coupon 1500
$10 Gift Card 3000 None! New Reward -
20% Off 4200 $20 Coupon 2000

VIP Tier Breakdowns

Half Baked

Half Baked is our bottom tier, which is automatic when you sign up. This gives you 1 point or Tokin per $1 spent. You’ll automatically get 420 Tokins upon signing up. You’ll also earn 300 points on your birthday.

Hot Box

You’ll hit the Hot Box tier once you spend $50. This gives you 2 points for every $1 spent. You’ll get a bonus 250 points when you move from Half Baked to Hot Box. Look
forward to 400 points on your birthday.


Next is Mids which you hit once you spend $100. You’ll get 500 bonus points when you reach this tier. You’ll also earn 4 points for every $1 spent. You’ll get 710 points on your birthday.

Mile High Club

Finally is the Mile High Club. You’ll hit this tier once you spend $300, and will be rewarded 6 points for every $1 spent. You’ll also earn 850 points when you move from Mids to the Mile High Club. You’ll also be rewarded a whopping 1,000 points on your birthday.