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Dab Tools & Accessories

Dabbing can be sticky and messy, so it is essential that you use a dab tool, clean it, and refresh it regularly to extend the life of your kit!

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Old School vs. New School Dabbing Tools

There are so many different types of dab mats and tools out there your choices are almost endless!

However, if you want an old-school dabber, our non-stick surgical stainless steel handling tool is a perfect option. One end is pointed, while the other is rounded, so it is ideal for all types of concentrates and working with dab rigs or wax pens.

For a state-of-the-art dabbing experience, we recommend the new Ooze Hot Knife which makes handling all concentrates easier. In addition, it prevents the extract from getting stuck to the tool and can make cutting off a small piece of an enormous slab of concentrate a simple process. Either way, you’ll have a fantastic experience with old school or new school Ooze dab rigs and accessories utensils.

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