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Introducing the Ooze Hot Knife

Introducing the Ooze Hot Knife

Samantha Catrambone |

Ooze Hot Knife

Dabbing doesn’t have to be a sticky situation. With the brand-new Ooze Hot Knife, you can move your wax from the jar to the banger with ease! Concentrates are notorious for being difficult to handle and normal dabbers are not cut out for the job. The Ooze Hot Knife is an electric dab tool vape attachment designed to eliminate mess and hassle from the dabbing process. In this blog, we will discuss why and how to use the Ooze Hot Knife.

Ooze Hot Knife in Gold, Rainbow, Chrome, and Black with blue background.

Why Should You Use Ooze Hot Knife?

The Ooze Hot Knife is an affordable vape pen upgrade that will instantly improve your dabbing experience. Here are some key reasons why you should try it out for yourself:

  • 1. It's Compatible with Most 510 Thread Batteries
    The Ooze Hot Knife is a 510-thread attachment and is compatible with the most 510 threaded vape batteries. However, the battery MUST have a button for the Hot Knife to work so, auto draw batteries will not work. We recommend the Ooze Slim Twist or the Ooze Quad! Both options are a perfect fit, and you can match the Black, Gold, Chrome, and Rainbow colorways!
  • 2. It’s Great for Travel
    Traveling with dabs just got easier! The Ooze Hot Knife comes with a unique Travel Cap to protect your Medical Grade Ceramic Tip while you're smoking on the go. With the Ooze Hot Knife, you can now take your dabs anywhere!
  • 3. It Will Make Your Life Easier
    This electric dab tool was made to solve all your problems. Well maybe not all of them but, it will make your life so much easier when it comes to dabbing. All you have to do is pick up a glob of wax, allow the ceramic tip to heat up, and watch the wax slide right off the end into your banger or onto your coil.

How To Use Ooze Hot Knife

Using the Ooze Hot Knife is easy! Just remember, it is called a Hot Knife for a reason so don’t burn yourself while you're burning down. Start off by screwing your Hot Knife onto your vape battery, press the button, and the ceramic tip will immediately start to heat up. Warming up the tip prior to cutting off a piece of wax can help the tool cut smoothly. Now, just pick it up with the Hot Knife, position the tip directly over the banger, coil, or device you're going to dab with. Then, just press the button to heat the tip, which will make the dab slide off the end, and you are ready for a flavorful hit!

Using the Ooze Hot Knife from Cannatron on Vimeo.

How to Store the Ooze Hot Knife

510 thread vape batteries need to get incredibly hot to be able to vaporize concentrates. The Ooze Hot Knife uses a 510 thread battery as its heat source, which ensures that the medical-grade ceramic tip can get extremely hot as well. Make sure you NEVER touch the Hot Knife tip during use. This can result in burns from even the slightest touch. The Hot Knife will also still be hot for a minute or so after use. To make sure you don’t burn your fingers, or your table, it is important to know how to store the Ooze Hot Knife correctly. This dab tool comes with a Travel Cap that must be put back on your Hot Knife immediately after use. The Travel Cap will protect you from burns while also protecting the ceramic tip from the elements. It’s a win-win!

4 Ooze Hot Knife electric dab tool attachments are paired 4 Ooze Slim Twist Vape Pen batteries. Some are not screwed onto the battery, and several have the Travel Cap laying to the side.

How To Clean the Ooze Hot Knife

With proper care, the Ooze Hot Knife can be used again and again. The medical-grade ceramic tip is extremely durable and made to last. However, it can get gunky if not cleaned consistently. To clean your Ooze Hot Knife after use, just wait a few minutes for the ceramic tip to cool completely. Once the tip has cooled down, you can give it a wipe down with an Ooze Resolution Wipe to scrub off any sticky residue. Now, your dab tool will be squeaky clean and ready to go for the next session!

There you have it, everything you need to know about the Dab Tool that will upgrade your dabbing experience! Gone are the days when you had to use a crusty dabber or even worse your hands to try to take a dab. With the Ooze Hot Knife, dabbing just got easier!

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