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Introducing the Ooze Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig

Introducing the Ooze Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig

Did you know that mini rigs are the best way to take a dab in terms of flavor? Introducing the Ooze Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig, our first 100% quartz dab rig designed to deliver maximum flavor with every inhale. If you like using a quartz banger, you will love using this mini dab rig! We will discuss why and how to use your Ooze Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig below.  


Why Should You Use the Ooze Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig?

The Ooze Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig enhances the flavor of your smoke session. Let’s dive into some of the key reasons why you should try it out for yourself.


All Quartz Top to Bottom  

The Toxic Barrel Mini is our first all quartz dab rig. Quartz is great for dabbing because it has a huge coefficient of expansion. That’s just a fancy way of saying that Quartz can take on a lot of heat, which is why so many dabbers prefer quartz bangers. 

Toxic Barrel Mini Rig with Ooze Geode in aqua teal, and a dabber with green background

Quartz is also an awesome choice for cold start dabbing. So, what is cold start dabbing? Also known as reverse dabbing, cold start dabbing is when you load your concentrates into the banger prior to heating it up. This helps retain more flavor in your dab and delivers a smoother hit. If you want to learn more about cold start dabbing, check out this article!  


Less Air = More Flavor  

Concentrates are notorious for getting stuck inside dab rigs, especially when they have a long way to travel. With a short path from torch to mouth, the Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig delivers the perfect amount of cooling and filtration without diluting your inhale. Small dab rigs also have less air inside. Air makes terpenes less flavorful so, less air means more flavor from your terpenes. If you love tasting all your terpenes, you’ll love using a mini dab rig!

Ooze Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig graphic less air = more flavor

Classic Ooze Reimagined  

We designed this rig to be a colorless piece that still represents the Ooze brand. The Toxic barrel is a classic Ooze motif, and for the first time is taking the form of an actual dab smoking piece. Plus, it also comes with a steel dab tool, Geode stash jar, and a carb cap for the full Ooze smoking experience!  


How To Use Ooze Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig   

Using the Ooze Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig is easy! You can use it in the same way as you would any dab rig. Just heat the quartz banger, drop in your dab (we suggest using the Ooze Hot Knife), inhale, and enjoy. This quartz dab rig comes with a carb cap that is the perfect size to create a vortex of air inside the banger. This will swirl your concentrates around so you can vaporize as much of the residue as possible!

How To Clean the Ooze Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig   

We all know that dabs are sticky which can gunk up your banger and dab rig if you aren’t regularly cleaning them. If you want to keep your Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig in the best condition possible, it is important to have a maintenance routine schedule set for cleaning. When it's time to deep clean your Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig, we suggest using Ooze Resolution Gel Cleaner to instantly get rid of stubborn resin. Because the Toxic Barrel Dab Rig is miniature, you can easily submerge it in Ooze Resolution. Just give it a quick rinse with warm water afterward, and it will look good as new! Plus, you can a 100-pack of pre-soaked Micro Swabs to clean your banger, mouth, and carb caps in between deep cleaning sessions!   

There you have it, everything you need to know about the quartz dab rig that will enhance the flavor of every smoke session! You'll be amazed at the level and expertise of the function of this adorable mini quartz dab rig.
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