Introducing the Ooze Pronto Electronic Vaporizer

Introducing the Ooze Pronto Electronic Vaporizer

Dabbing doesn’t have to be complicated. With the brand-new Ooze Pronto Electronic Vaporizer, taking a dab is as simple as walking out the door, opening your concentrate container, turning your vape on, and inhaling your hit! It is designed to be an enjoyable dabbing method for newbies and seasoned dabbers alike. If you are new to dabbing, the Ooze Pronto is a great tool to use when learning about your favorite temperatures and terpene flavors. Even if you consider yourself a Dab Aficionado, you will love how quick and easy the Ooze Pronto is to take on the go. In this blog, we will discuss why and how to use the Ooze Pronto!  


Why Should You Use an Ooze Pronto?

6 icons showing the features of the Ooze Pronto electric nectar collector. The top row has No Torch Needed, Easy to Use, and Compact Design. The second row has Rapid Charge, Dab Anywhere, and Flex Temp.


The Ooze Pronto is a powerful electric concentrate vape designed to elevate any on-the-go dab sesh. Here are some key reasons why you should try out the Ooze Pronto for yourself:   


1. No Torch Needed   

Torches can be scary and deter stoners from the dabbing process in general. If this sounds like you, the Ooze Pronto electronic concentrate vaporizer is a fantastic option because no torch is necessary to use it. Just turn on your dabbing device, grab your favorite concentrates, and vape away. The battery inside powers it up and heats the coil tip to vaporize the wax. Now that you do not need to use a bulky torch to dab, you can dab anywhere!   


2. Clapton Coil Technology   

The Clapton Coil technology in the Ooze Pronto provides a large surface area to touch the wax. The spacious surface on this coil tip gives the wax more room to spread out and vaporize the individual terpene molecules. This technology allows the Ooze Pronto to create potent and flavorful clouds that you will love!  

These coils also make it easy to keep your Pronto clean for each session. The coil can be unscrewed and soaked in alcohol to remove any gunk or buildup so it always tastes like clean terpenes, not burnt resin. Daily maintenance will keep you puffing on delicious dabs!


3. Functional Design   

The Ooze Pronto was designed to be fast, functional, and reliable. It features a rapid charge battery, flexible temperature options to taste every terpene, and a compact design that fits in your pocket. The design allows you to dab right out of your jar of wax, eliminating the messy process of handling your concentrates. What more could you want out of a portable dabbing device?  

How To Use Ooze Pronto 

Using the Ooze Pronto is super simple, easy, and efficient. Just unscrew the top, heat the Ooze Pronto by clicking the button, and dab your favorite concentrates straight out of the container. When you're done, remember to put the cap back on as soon as the dab session is over! This will protect you from the hot coil tip. The Ooze Pronto is built to last but it does require a proper maintenance routine. When it's time to clean your Ooze Pronto, wait a few minutes for the coil to cool completely to avoid burns. Once the tip has cooled down, unscrew the coil and soak it in isopropyl alcohol for a deep clean. 

How to Clean the Pronto

The Pronto's vapor coils are the part of the device that comes into direct contact with the wax, so this is little piece will get the dirtiest. Luckily, they can be easily unscrewed for quick cleaning, and the glass tube mouthpiece also pulls all the way out for deeper cleaning sessions. We recommend wiping down the coil after each session with an Ooze Resolution Res Wipe to remove any resin buildup. For deeper cleaning, drop the glass tube in a pouch of Res Gel cleaner and soak the coils in isopropyl alcohol. Rinse the glass tube with warm water and let the coils dry completely before reassembling.

The Pronto's coils are reusable, but they will need to be replaced eventually. We suggest switching out your coil every 4 to 12 weeks depending on how much you dab. If you want to learn more about maintaining your coil, check out our 3 tips for extending your coil life. When it's time to replace your Coil just head to our website. We offer two-pack replacements so the next time you need a new coil, you already have a backup!  

There you have it, all you need to know about the new Ooze Pronto Electronic Vaporizer. Trust us, once you take a dab out of this powerful vape, you will never want to go back to the traditional methods! 

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