3 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Ooze Coil

3 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Ooze Coil

Dabbing on the go has never been easier! When it comes to maintaining your portable dabbing device, having a clean coil is essential. Plus, every dabber knows that a dirty burnt-out coil will diminish the flavor of your wax drastically. With a simple cleaning and maintenance routine, you can make sure your vape coil lasts for many smoke sessions. Just follow the 3 coil extending tips detailed in this blog and your coil will be in tip-top shape.

How To Clean a Vape Coil 

If you are new to the process of cleaning a coil, there are two ways to get your coil looking good as new: Ooze Resolution Wipes and Isopropyl Alcohol. Below we will dive into our tips when it comes to both cleaning tools.


1. Be Cautious When Submerging Your Coil In Cleaner  

Using an Ooze Resolution Res Wipe to clean a dirty coil.

There are several different types of coils, and each has an internal airway that liquid can potentially get trapped inside. While submerging the entire coil in alcohol is an effective way to get stubborn residue out, you need to make sure to give the coil enough time to dry out completely, or else you risk frying the coil.

We suggest using an Ooze Resolution Wipe to gently clean your coil in between deep cleaning sessions with Isopropyl alcohol. Taking a moment after each dab session to clean out the fresh residue will go a long way in keeping it clean and functioning.

 Just remember, before doing any cleaning you MUST unscrew your coil or atomizer from your battery to prevent any power from flowing into it.


2. Use An Eye Shadow Applicator to Clean the Crevices  

Your secret weapon for scrubbing out resin and gunk is a disposable eye shadow applicator. These applicators are a spongy material which means the wax doesn't stick or leave a mess of cotton fluff behind. This makes it super easy to scrub gunk out of tiny crevices without leaving too much alcohol behind. You can even use a dry one to quickly absorb any remaining alcohol. This trick is perfect for our larger dome coils and even small coils inside your wax atomizer.


3. Clean Your Attachment After Dabbing and Replace When It is Time  

Cleaning your coil after every couple of uses or once a week will extend the lifespan of your coil. However, even with regular cleaning and great care, your attachment will not last forever. Especially if you are loading in huge dabs every time, your coil will reach a point where it simply will not come clean, and your wax will start to taste burnt. The coil is a disposable accessory for your reusable vaporizer device. So how often should you replace your vape coil? 


How Often Should I Change my Vape Coil?

How often you need to change your vape coil is completely dependent on how much you are using it and at what temperature settings. On average, we suggest switching out your coil every 4 to 12 weeks. Regardless, when it is time you and your wax will know! Luckily, all Ooze products that contain coils have replacement parts available for purchase on our website. Below we will talk about all our replacement coil packs and what products they work for!

Ooze Replacement Coil Packs Infographic with yellow background

Domed Coils  

Two replacement five-packs of Ooze domed coils

Our Domed Coils are made to be used with any one of our Ooze Glass Globes. These work on pen-style batteries like the Ooze Slim Twist Vape Pen and the Ooze Quad Vape Battery. They are available in 5 packs of ceramic or quartz so you can stock up!


Wax Atomizer Tanks  

Four Ooze wax atomizer tanks are held in a young white woman's hand.

Our wax atomizers are compatible with all Ooze Batteries. However, if you purchase the Ooze Duplex or the Ooze Slim Twist Pro, you will get an atomizer included with your battery!  


Clapton Coil  

A two-pack replacement box of Clapton coils for the Ooze x Stache ConNectar nectar collector attachment

Clapton coil technology provides a large surface area for the coil to contact the wax, which results in huge, rich, and flavorful clouds. This makes it easy to highlight the range of flavors in different terpenes that activate at different temperatures. The Clapton Coil is made for the Ooze x Stache ConNectar and comes with a 2-pack replacement option. Learn more about cleaning the ConNectar in our blog


Pronto Coils

Two sets of Ooze Pronto replacement coils are shown. Vapor coils on the left and fritted quartz coils on the right.

The Pronto Electric Dab Straw has two different types of compatible coil tips. The device kit includes a Vapor Coil, which is very similar to the Clapton coil for the ConNectar. It has a wrapped wire tip that melts the wax.

We also now offer 2-packs of Fritted Quartz Coil tips, which have a rounded, rough quartz tip. These provide a super clean taste, and can be cleaned the same way.



Comet Coils  

A titanium, quartz, and ceramic coil for the Ooze Comet eNail Dab Rig are held in a white woman's hand.

The Comet Coils are specially designed for the Ooze Comet eNail. There are three types of quartz, ceramic, and titanium based on your preference. Replacements are available individually so you can just grab your favorite!  


Fusion Coils  

A replacement pack of coils for the rainbow Ooze Fusion wax kit. There is a dual quartz rod, ceramic rod, and ceramic donut coil.

Fusion coils are specifically designed for the Ooze Fusion Vaporizer. When you buy an Ooze Fusion, the battery will come with one dual quartz coil, one ceramic rod coil, and one ceramic donut quartz coil. Every Fusion replacement Pack comes with all three coils and a new mouthpiece!  

It does not have to be complicated to maintain your Ooze coil. If you follow our tips, you can trust your coil to hit just right whenever you need it! 

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