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Ooze Resolution Precision Micro Swabs – 100ct

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Your cleaning prayers have been answered! Precision Micro Swabs are slim cotton swabs pre-soaked with alcohol to get stubborn build-up and resin out of the tightest crevices in your vape devices and small glass pieces. You get 100 individually wrapped swabs per box!  read more
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Precision Micro Swabs from Ooze Resolution are the solution for cleaning your vaporizer devices! These super slim swabs were designed to clean the threads of your cartridges, the coils in your atomizers, and down inside mouthpieces. Basically, these swabs can get the tight places regular swabs can’t reach.

Each Micro Swab has dual 100% cotton tips that are soaked in isopropyl alcohol. They are wet to the touch, but won’t drip and make a mess. This is the perfect amount of cleaning solution for vapes, because it won’t flood the device with liquid. Just enough to get the sticky stuff out! Each swab is individually packed, so you can use one at a time without wasting any by letting them dry out. There’s no bag to worry about resealing, and you can bring one or two with you anywhere.

Each box of Micro Swabs includes 100 pieces, with rolls of 10 swabs packed neatly inside to make it easy to see how many are left. These genius cleaning tools are also great for cleaning out bangers right after the dab session is over. You’ll never have to lug around a bottle of rubbing alcohol with your rig ever again!

  • PRECISION MICRO SWAB | Ooze Resolution created the Precision Micro Swabs to finally be able to thoroughly clean Ooze pens and other vape devices. The shape of the swab is much skinnier than standard swabs, so they can easily clean tight crevices and atomizer coils.
  • 100CT BOX | Each box of Micro Swabs includes 100 pieces, so you’ll be able to keep your pieces fresh and maintained. We recommend using 1-2 swabs after you finish each session to prevent buildup!
  • ALCOHOL-INFUSED | Both ends of the swab are made of 100% cotton, which is soaked with isopropyl alcohol. The ends are wet to the touch (we don’t recommend touching!) but won’t drip all over the place. Make sure your device is turned off and whatever your plan to clean is cool to the touch before using a swab.
  • FOR DAILY USE | Daily maintenance is KEY to making your devices work properly for a long time. The best time to wipe down your atomizer or banger is right after you use it. Think of the leftover concentrate as leftover egg in the pan you made them in. It’s so much easier to wipe it right off than if you let it sit for hours and have to scrub it off. Don’t let your dabs harden in your atomizer, it’ll never be the same!
  • PAIR WITH C-CORE | The Booster and Electro Barrel include a couple Micro Swabs in the accessories kit to help keep it clean after the first few sessions. Now you can re-up with 100 swabs at a time, so you won’t even think twice about using one after each session!
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED | All 100 swabs come in their own little sleeve. Twist the packaging at the center, and tear away one half. Use the covered side to avoid touching the solvent until you need to use the other side of the swab. Keep a few swabs in your purse, backpack or bedside table at all times so you can always clean up the residue before it hardens!
    *Do NOT use these in your ears or anywhere else on your body! They are not designed for human use.* 


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