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Responder Discounts

All Responders and Government Employees (current AND retired) can redeem 15% off at Ooze anytime! Just verify your eligible document of proof to prove that you are in fact a retired or current Responder, and you’ll receive 15% off your order.  

We use an app called VerifyPass to do this, and they have their own criteria of who is and isn’t eligible. It’s all explained below, and this comes directly from the VerifyPass website. We don’t make the rules, sorry! 

  • What counts as an Eligible Document of Proof? 

    • Official ID Card (like your badge) 
    • Pay Stub from Employer 
      • Must clearly display your place of employment, usually in the top left 
    • Promotion or Award Certificate 
      • Must be scanned 
      • Graduation photo images do not count 
    • Signed letter of employment from your agency 
  • Who is eligible to redeem this discount? 

    • EMS 
    • Law Enforcement Officers 
    • Fire Fighters (Department and Volunteer) 
    • All Government Employees 
    • All Retired EMS, LEO, and FD 

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