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The Perfect Heated Dab Tool

What is a Hot Knife?

A hot knife is a heated dab tool that helps make the dab handling process less messy. When you use a regular dabber, some wax will stick to it instead of dropping into your banger. If you love sticky wax, a hot knife is a perfect tool because it melts the wax, making it easy to handle so you can drop it in your banger with ease.

How to Handle Dabs That Are Sticky

Concentrates are notorious for being difficult, and regular dabbers can't handle them. However, dabbing doesn't have to be a sticky situation. With the Ooze Hot Knife, you can quickly move your wax from the jar to the rig. All you have to do is preheat the tip of your knife, pick up a glob of wax, and drop it into your banger!

How to Use a Hot Knife

Using the Ooze Hot Knife is easy! It is called a Hot Knife because it is HOT, so don't burn yourself while you're burning down. Start by screwing your Hot Knife onto your pen, press the power button, and wait for the ceramic tip to heat up. Now, pick up a dab with the Hot Knife, and position the tip directly over the banger, coil, or dab device. Then, press the button again to heat the tip, and the dab will slide off the end!

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