An Ooze back to campus bundle of products: the Modern Traveler smell proof backpack, lanyard, Slim Twist vape pen, stickers, face mask, and shatter resistant glass rolling tray

Top 10 Ooze Products for Back to School

Whether you’re heading to campus or mentally preparing for online classes, it’s almost back-to-school time! If you ask me, half the value of college is all the fun to be had, and Ooze is here to help you make it enjoyable, even though we’re still wading through a pandemic. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s time to get back at it and celebrate.


Check out our 10 favorite smoking products for busy college students and dorm-dwellers!


 A white male is wearing the Ooze Traveler smell proof backpack while standing out side next to a brick building with a gray door. He is wearing a black baseball hat and gray and black winter jacket while smoking the Green Ooze Piper

Smell proof bags are great for everyday use, whether you’re going to your friends to smoke or just heading to class. If you like to use one bag for all your activities, it’s nice to know that your backpack (that once housed your sweet cannabis) smells fresh for class. Plus, we just rolled out new colors including purple, blue, coral and sand on top of our classic blue and gray options. 



 A white female hand with light pink nails holds the gold Ooze Quad square vape pen battery. She is outside holding it over a purple hydrangea bush and there is a mostly full cartridge attached to the battery.

Our brand new Quad vape battery mimics the awesome features of our most popular batteries, but is square so it won’t roll off the table. No more cracked cartridges!

We also made updates regarding the battery life itself. The Quad has two charging ports so you can use a backup charger of yours if you forget your Smart USB Charger (included with the Quad). Plus, the Quad automatically shuts off after 12 minutes of inactivity, further lengthening the time between charges. You can rest assured it won’t die on you when you need it most, like at a tailgate or your most stressful recitation



 A white female hand holds the teal Ooze Kettle with the flower bowl inserted in front of a colorful wall mural.

The Ooze Kettle is a handheld bong and dab rig in one that prevents party fouls. This is because its base has a suction cup to secure it to whatever surface you’re using. Even a clumsy roommate can’t easily dislodge the Kettle. Plus, having one piece for both wax and flower will definitely make you the most popular kid on the floor and is easy to store in your shoebox dorm room. 



 A young black female is wearing the Ooze Flame face mask. She is in a gray sweatsuit with pink and purple Nike shoes, in front of a graffiti mural

Many states have lifted the mask mandate, but even if you are vaccinated, you might be one of many who still feels more comfortable wearing a mask in large crowds of people. You should feel secure but also be able to show off your style! We created three different comfortable designs of face masks with a range of exciting designs.


 A white female hand holds the silver Ooze Comet mini eNail in her hand in front of an evergreen tree background. The Comet is deconstructed inside the original box

Love wax but not sure how comfortable your roommate will be with your dabbing habits? The Comet eNail is a tiny, handheld dab rig that doesn’t require any torching or lighting, making it discreet and portable. You can also easily fit this in your backpack so you have it between classes.



 The green Ooze Piper chillum and hand pipe is laying on a wood table with the lanyard attached. It is being used as a hand pipe.

Throughout your college years, it’s always best to look for pieces that are durable. The Piper is a pipe and a chillum in one, and is made of both silicone and glass, making it virtually indestructible. To further encourage its portability, we even included a lanyard so you can keep it around your neck at day parties and tailgates!



 The clear Ooze Grinder Tray is being used to grind flower for the green Ooze Drought dry herb vaporizer. Both products are on a table with a red tablecloth.

Busy college kids love shortcuts (but then again, who doesn’t?).  With our one-of-a-kind grinder tray, your weed drops directly onto the attached rolling tray directly after grinding it up. A funnel at the end allows you to easily load it into your bowl or paper.



 A white male holds the Captain O Ooze Shatter-Resistant Glass Rolling Tray in both hands. He is wearing a shirt with the Oozeville design printed all over.

If you love the weight and look of glass rolling trays but are weary about their fragility, check out our shatter-resistant series of trays. They look sophisticated but won’t break—no matter how many tipsy guests you have over.




 The yellow Ooze Slim Twist vape pen battery is standing upright with a full cartridge attached. It is on a gray counter next to a full mug of coffee.

Our Slim Twist Battery is our most popular vaping device and a must-have for anyone living in a dorm. A small amount of bud can stink up your small dorm room real quick, and smoke can seep out into the hallway causing suspicion. Vaping with the Slim Twist produces no smoke or scent, giving you total peace of mind when you just want to relax on the futon after a long day.



 The Ooze Toxic Waste barrel Mug Pipe is sitting on a white counter. The bowl is packed with weed, the mug is filled with coffee, and there is a small lime green Clipper lighter to the left.

You probably didn’t think you needed a coffee mug that doubles as a bowl, but now you know you do. Wake and bake with one of these wacky mug pipes to start your day on the right foot—caffeinated and relaxed. They also come in handy after that super early morning lab. Don’t forget to treat yourself for your accomplishments!

Browse our favorite back to campus accessories to reward yourself on another year of learning!

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