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Top 10 Ooze Products for Back to School

An Ooze back to campus bundle of products: the Modern Traveler smell proof backpack, lanyard, Slim Twist vape pen, stickers, face mask, and shatter resistant glass rolling tray

Layne Alfred |

Whether you’re heading to campus or mentally preparing for online classes, it’s almost back-to-school time! If you ask me, half the value of college is all the fun to be had, and Ooze is here to help you make it enjoyable, even though we’re still wading through a pandemic. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s time to get back at it and celebrate.

Check out our 10 favorite smoking products for busy college students and dorm-dwellers!



A girl is putting an orange OozeX box of concentrates into the front top pocket of a purple Ooze smell proof backpack

Smell proof bags are great for everyday use, whether you’re going to your friends to smoke or just heading to class. If you like to use one bag for all your activities, it’s nice to know that your backpack (that once housed your sweet cannabis) smells fresh for class. Plus, we just rolled out new colors including purple, blue, coral and sand on top of our classic blue and gray options. 



A guy is pulling a blue Ooze Beacon out of a storage sleeve in the black Travel Pouch he is holding. There are other tools in the pouch

One of our famous C-Core devices is the perfect device for dorm dabbers. The Beacon vaporizer is handheld, discreet and travel-friendly, but that doesn’t make it any less high-tech. The included Onyx atomizer provides the most even heating possible, which makes each hit super smooth and flavorful. It’s super easy to use—just unscrew the top, load in your wax with the included dab tool, screw it back on and throw it in your bag for after class!




A girl holds the Ooze Chroma 18oz water bottle outside in the lawn

What’s more important than staying hydrated on campus? Now you can do that and make a statement at the same time. The Time Warp water bottle is the perfect conversation starter for classes, and is the perfect size for keeping in your backpack. Fill it with water to combat cotton mouth, or fill it with something boozy for a pregame or tailgate!



 Four college students are hanging out on an overpass while listening to music playing from their Ooze Movez Speaker Vapes.

Introducing the one and only item you’ll need to bring to you with parties: the Movez Speaker Vape. That’s right, a speaker and vaping device in one! Now all you need to remember before you head out is your Movez. It connects to anyone’s phone or device with Bluetooth so you always have a way to jam out, no matter where you are.

And just because it doubles as a speaker doesn’t mean we sacrificed the quality of the vaping functions. The Movez vape features auto shut-off and auto-draw, so you don’t even need to click a button.



 Two galaxy purple and fresh sage Ooze Electro Barrel e-rigs are sitting on a table with a Chroma rolling tray and other smoking supplies

Another super discreet and foolproof way to dab in the dorm is with the Electro Barrel e-rig. This device takes the experience even closer to that of a full dab rig, without the size, fragility and messiness. Just fill the bottom chamber of this little device with water, pop your wax in the built-in atomizer, and take a hit while tapping the button on the top as a carb cap. The RAs definitely won’t suspect a thing with this little guy hanging around on your desk.



Cleaning a dirty Booster vape with a Micro Swab

How many times have you been cleaning your bong or vape, and wished you had a better tool for the job? Enter the Micro Swab. These super slim cotton swabs are pre-soaked in alcohol and individually-wrapped, so you can always wipe down your piece. Each box comes with 100 swabs, which should set you up for a while!



An Ooze Twist Hot Knife 2.0 is loading a dab into a blue electro barrel. The LED light on the tip is lit up

The Twist Hot Knife 2.0 attachment makes dealing with wax effortless and totally mess-free. Just hook it up to your vape battery, heat it up and watch the wax slide clean off the Hot Knife into your atomizer or banger. Not only is it super satisfying to slice your concentrates like butter, it’s perfect for keeping coffee tables (or desks) clean and free of sticky resin.


The new and improved Twist Hot Knife 2.0 now comes with a Twist Slim Pen 2.0 vape battery, making it a 2-in-1 device for your dabs and oil cartridges! The Twist Slim Pen 2.0 is a must-have for anyone living in a dorm or apartment. Vaping with the Twist Slim pen produces no smoke or scent, giving you total peace of mind when you just want to zone out on the futon after a long day. This best seller is now even better with a new 510 thread attachment that has an LED spotlight at the base of the ceramic tip, so you can hit it to help you see around your dark room when your roommate is already asleep in bed!



A white male holds the Captain O Ooze Shatter-Resistant Glass Rolling Tray in both hands. He is wearing a shirt with the Oozeville design printed all over.

If you love the weight and look of glass rolling trays but are weary about their fragility, check out our shatter-resistant series of trays. They look sophisticated but won’t break—no matter how many tipsy guests you have over.



A yellow Glyco freeze bong has green Ooze Resolution silicone res caps covering the holes for cleaning

We're all about making the glass cleaning process as quick and mess-free as possible. We hate getting that nasty, sticky resin on our hands just as much as the next guy. Our silicone Res Caps seal off all the open parts of your bong so you can shake the sh*t out of it to finally knock every last bit of grime loose. We highly recommend pairing them with a pouch of our Res Gel, if you know, you know!



A gold Pronto is laying on a table and a replacement quartz tip is held above it

The Pronto, a quick way to dab on the go, is packaged in a geometric, modern pen. This neat little contraption is perfect for taking to tailgates or parties since it’s easy to load up. All you have to do is insert the coil tip directly into your jar of wax. No messy dabs means no cleanup, and no cleanup means more partying.

Browse our favorite back to campus accessories to reward yourself on another year of learning!


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