Is Cannabis Combustion Bad for You?

Is Cannabis Combustion Bad for You?

Smoking has been the most popular method of cannabis consumption since the beginning of time it seems, until the vape craze began. So, which is better for you and your lifestyle?


Let’s get this out of the way quickly: smoking cannabis, a.k.a. using combustion to consume cannabis, is not necessarily harmful. You don’t have to put the rolling papers away for good, but being mindful about how combustion occurs could benefit your health and your smoking experience.


What is combustion?

Combustion happens when you burn raw material with fire to produce smoke. When you smoke flower out of a bowl or bong, the bud is being combusted by the lighter. Dabbing can go either way—while the point is to vaporize the wax, combustion can take place instead if it’s overheated or heated too quickly.


Combustion vs. Vaporization

The main difference between combustion and vaporization is that they occur at different temperatures. Combustion happens at a higher temperature than vaporization, which burns more than just the active cannabinoids that you want. Any plant matter that’s burned will produce tar and other carcinogens, and unfortunately, it’s no different for cannabis.

The left side shows a weed leaf on fire that says "uncontrolled heat source". The right shows a weed leaf that is smoking and standing on an orange double circle with "controlled heat source" underneath.

Vaporization, on the other hand, heats the material at a lower temperature, which ensures nothing is burned and wasted. When you light up, you could accidentally overheat precious cannabinoids that will immediately be useless in getting you high. This is why vaping usually is better for those who enjoy a full-spectrum cannabis experience.    


How to Vape Cannabis

A gold Ooze Drought dry herb vaporizer is being packed with ground cannabis on an After Hours glass rolling tray.

You don’t have to sacrifice flower and the calming rituals that come with it to vape cannabis. A dry herb vaporizer, like the Drought, is an easy way to gently heat your fresh, ground nugs. The vapor is gentle on your lungs and should highlight more of the strain’s flavors.

A close up shot of a blonde girl holding the gold Ooze Flare dry herb vaporizer.

Dry herb vaporizers tend to carry a hefty price tag, which can deter you from giving the method a chance. Try out the Flare, our affordable dry herb vape that provides the basic functions and provides control over the temperature so you can learn what your preferences are. 

 The Ooze Toxic Barrel quartz mini rig has the banger inserted and is lit with a green light.

When it comes to dabbing, simply be mindful of how hot your wax is getting before you take your hit. Specific rigs are designed for low temperature dabs, and accessories like carb caps can assist in cooling everything down throughout the process. 

 A young, white brunette woman is taking a puff from her yellow Ooze Twist Slim vape pen with an OozeX cartridge with a green tip.

A tried-and-true option for vaping cannabis is a pre-filled oil cartridge and a battery, like the Twist Slim Pen. If you’re not too picky about having a process and are just looking for something to get the job done, a handheld vape battery is the way to go. It’s easier to overheat the oil since it’s thinner, so make sure to keep it on the lowest voltage setting to avoid burning.


The bottom line is that taking a hit from the bowl isn’t going to cause lasting damage to your lungs, but you may taste more of the terpenes and have a more well rounded high if a dry herb vaporizer is used instead. Cannabis combustion isn’t detrimental to your health, but if you have any concerns, switching to a vape might give you peace of mind. Additionally, if you’re a daily smoker, you may consider vaporization every now and then.


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