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How to Travel with Your Bong

How to Travel with Your Bong

Jane Wagner |

Bong Caps

Have a road trip coming up? No matter how short of a distance you’re traveling, it’s essential to have your bong packed up safely and discreetly—because it obviously has to come with you. We have a few tricks up our sleeve as to how to make your bong completely odorless when you travel, but the real secret is bong caps, or our favorite, Ooze Resolution Res caps.

What are bong caps?

Bong caps are protective covers for the openings in any of your pieces, but are especially useful for water pipes. They really come in handy when cleaning because they allow you to shake up the liquid inside the piece, and of course make traveling with your bong super discreet.

Ooze Res Caps are made of heat-resistant food-grade silicone, a perfect material for protecting your bong and locking in odors. These bong caps create a tight seal around the openings of your bong to protect your piece while preventing smells and water from leaking out. Plus, every box of Res Caps comes with three assorted sizes that can stretch to fit just about any piece out there!

How to smell-proof your bong for travel

A graphic showing how to clean a dirty bong with Ooze Resolution Res Gel cleaner. Step 1 is to pour Gel in and cover the openings with Res Caps. Step 2 is to shake the bong and coat the inside.

1. Give your bong a good bath with Ooze Resolution gel.

Res gel is the easiest way to clean your bong, no matter how caked with resin it is. This stuff even tackles mold, and although I hope it hasn’t gotten to that point, there’s no judgment here. Even though it’s tough on all kinds of nasties, it’s completely non-toxic and safe to use on something you heat and inhale substances though. This also makes it safe for the environment.

2. Cover all openings with Res Caps

A white woman's hand holds the blue Ooze Glyco glycerin freezable bong that has black Ooze Resolution Res Caps covering both openings.

Cap up before you pack up! Especially after giving your piece a deep clean, popping the Res caps back over the holes before packing it in your luggage will make your bong totally smell proof. Odors won’t seep through the glass, and these caps are airtight to the openings. Make sure to rinse the caps out with warm water before packing it up!

3. Wrap the bong in a hoodie to provide some extra protection

The blue Ooze Glyco freezable glycerin-filled bong has a black Ooze Resolution Res Cap covering the mouthpiece, and the bong is wrapped in a black zip-up Ooze hoodie to add cushion during transport.

For my nervous Nellies out there, add an extra layer of odor protection with a hoodie. Any thick article of clothing will do! Don’t worry, it won’t get dirty or stinky because the Res Caps will still keep all odors trapped in the piece.

4. Or, pack up your piece in a smell proof backpack

The blue Ooze Glyco bong with black Res Caps covering the holes is wrapped in a black zip-up Ooze hoodie and is being put into a smell proof backpack for added protection.

Okay, maybe I should’ve saved the nervous Nellie comment for this one. Putting your clean piece, complete with bong caps, in a smell-proof backpack means you’re literally doing the most to block odors from seeping out. Hey, if you’re going to do it at all, go all out! These backpacks are designed specifically to block that cannabis musk we love so much… and the bong water smell we’re not so fond of.

For peace of mind before a trip, simply pop Res caps in all your pieces. Enjoy all those beautiful views even more with the help of your trusty bong!

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