How To Find The Best Oil Pen

How To Find The Best Oil Pen

Oil vape pens make smoking on the go easy, odorless, and super convenient. With so many vape pens for oil on the market, finding the best oil pen for your specific needs can be tricky and time-consuming. Luckily, we are here to help. In this article, we will dive into what an oil pen is, how oil vape pens work, and how to find the best oil pen for you!

What is an Oil Pen?

An oil pen is a vaping device that primarily consists of a 510 threaded vape battery and a 510 thread oil cartridge. Apart, these two pieces are essentially useless. Together, they create an oil vape pen that provides an awesome inhalable vapor from the oil of your choice. Here are some essential oil vape pen terms that will be helpful to know when selecting the best oil pen for you:

Battery - A oil vape battery is the power source for your thc oil pen. They are usually 510 threaded and come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from!

Oil Cartridge - An oil cartridge is an attachment for your oil pen that consists of three parts: a heating element, a mouthpiece, and a chamber. They can be pre-filled with cannabis oil, CBD extract, delta-8 concentrate, or other liquids. You can also fill them yourself with concentrate oil!

mAh - mAh is short for milliamp-hour capacity and is a unit of measure battery capacity. The higher your mAh, the longer your battery life!

Three vape batteries: The Novex Battery, The 1100 Battery and the Slim Twist Vape Battery

How does an Oil Pen Work?

The typical weed oil pen contains a rechargeable oil pen battery that connects to a cartridge and heats the oil inside. Heating the oil produces vapor that builds in the oil cartridge’s chamber and is inhaled using the mouthpiece. Below we will dive into what specific features to look for the best oil pen for you depending on your specific cannabis preference.

Anatomy of an oil pen

Finding the Best Oil Pen

When looking for the best cannabis oil vape pen for you, there are several key factors to consider. First, it is crucial to figure out the style you like and what features are most important to you. We will highlight the unique features of each oil pen below!

An all-around good choice for your first oil pen is the best-selling Ooze Slim Twist. This oil pen fits all 510 thread batteries, has an adjustable voltage dial, and has a 320 mAh battery capacity! Plus, it comes in tons of colors to choose from!

If you like to fill your oil cartridges yourself, the Ooze Duplex vape pen for oil is the perfect option for you! This vape kit includes an empty oil cart that can be filled with your own concentrated oil. Plus, it is also compatible with all 510-thread oil, extract, essential oil, and delta 8 cartridges. Talk about having options!

Ooze Duplex Oil Pen Battery in Gold

If the most important feature for you is battery capacity, we suggest checking out the Ooze 1100 Battery. It’s our go-to reliable pen with an 1100 mAh battery capacity, 2 click preheat mode, 20-second auto shut off, and a 3.7v standard voltage.

If you are always nervous about having some not-so-happy accidents, we suggest looking for a vape battery with extra protection for your oil cartridge like the Ooze Novex. This awesome oil pen features a palm-style design that provides more protection for your oil cartridge because it sits inside the chamber.

Novex Oil Pen Batteries in Rainbow

If you never want to travel without backup, we suggest checking out the Ooze Vault.  With a hidden storage compartment located next to the voltage dial, this pen makes it is perfect for keeping your next cartridge on deck!

Take Away

Now that you have found the best 510 oil pen for you, it is time to take good care of it so you two can live happily ever after!

When charging your oil pen, make sure to ONLY use Ooze brand battery chargers. Other off-brand chargers can simultaneously ruin your battery and your vibe. Check out this article to learn more about protecting your battery- Using the Ooze Smart Charger Protects You and Your Battery

Preserve your battery life and prevent accidents by always making sure to turn your oil pen off before putting it away.

Finding the best pen for oil cartridges can be overwhelming. The Ooze crew is so glad to be here as a resource so you can get back to lighting up and smoking down!

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