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Is Your Bong the Scariest Thing at the Halloween Party?

Is Your Bong the Scariest Thing at the Halloween Party?

Layne Alfred |

Here’s a spooky Halloween tale for you…


You have the perfect horror-related costume ready for the big party this year. You spend hours with the makeup and fake blood, and then start to get your things together to head out. Your friend who’s hosting loves your bong and specifically asked you to bring it for a game they have planned. As you go to grab it, you remember that it’s caked in resin and possibly mold. You spent too much time getting ready and now your Uber is already 8 minutes away… but your bong looks even less appealing than the fake guts hanging out of your stomach. It would be a nasty trick to have your friends inhaling a bunch of mold at the costume party, no? Plus, no one wants to be that guy with the filthy bong, no matter the occasion.


Luckily, since you picked up a new pouch of Ooze Resolution cleaning gel, 8 minutes is more than enough time to get your bong looking as good as new! All you have to do is plug the holes with your Res caps, pour in the solution, and shake it up for 30 seconds. Once it’s rinsed out with warm water, it’ll be shiny and ready for the party. No tricks here, just treats!


Even though Res gel will cleanse your bong in an instant, it’s still important to keep it consistently clean. If you don't, mold can begin to appear within 24-48 hours. The mold in your glass pipe will then progress into these three stages…


Stage 1: Fungus 

 An image of a dirty bong with brown residue on the sides is shown in a circular cut out. The words Mold Forms are below and there is a number 1 in the top left corner.

Moldy water pipes will display a pink film, which is essentially fungus. This is what you see when you look at the build up inside your water pipe when it's been left for too long without a good cleaning. Fungi and bacteria are produced from live plant matter such as cannabis residue. If you keep your water pipe clean, you will stop this growth in its tracks! If you don't it will progress to the next stage... *cue tense string music*


Stage 2: White Mold

 A close up shot of a patch of fuzzy white mold is shown in a circular cut out. The words White Mold are beneath it and there is a large green number 2 in the top left corner.

What begins as fungi that can simply be wiped away soon turns into mold that is nearly impossible to kill: white mold.


White mold is what comes as a result of keeping a moldy water pipe sitting for too long. White mold is extremely hard to kill with bleach, the toughest (most toxic) cleaner, which you don’t want to have to use in your water pipe. This is why it's so important to keep it consistently clean.


Plus, white mold will form in the most difficult places to reach and it grows back. Spooky! And speaking of spooky, if you've never heard of biofilm, you'll want to read about the third stage of mold growth in your bong.


Stage 3: Biofilm

 A close up shot of a layer of brown biofilm in orange water is shown in a circular cut out. The word Biofilm is beneath it and there is a large green number 3 in the top left corner.

Biofilm can grow anywhere there is a combination of a surface, moisture, and nutrients. Your bong is the perfect breeding ground for these tiny monsters.  


Microbes begin to release these tiny molecules that enable them to latch onto surfaces, like the walls of your water pipe and cannabis plant residue that lingers in pipe water. Biofilm is what protects these substances released by microbes. When infections and illnesses come about from this biofilm, it's all the more dangerous and difficult to treat.


Biofilm is the great protector of mold in water pipes and if you let it go long enough, it causes serious health risks. Even a small amount of mold circulating in the air around you can cause a chronic cough and other respiratory tract symptoms.


So, what can you do to dominate mold before it turns your water pipe into a horror story?


How to Clean Your Glass in 60 Seconds—Even with Mold

 A three step graphic of how to clean a bong with Ooze Resolution gel. A bong icon is shown being filled with Res Gel, being shaken, and then it's clean.

Ooze Resolution Gel is the quickest and safest way to clean a water pipe even with all 3 toxic stages of mold.


By using a natural, clay based solution, you no longer need to worry about the harmful effects of alcohol or the damage done to your favorite glass piece with coarse salt. Learn more on the dangers of isopropyl alcohol and salt and how to clean a water pipe without alcohol. To make cleaning as painless and easy as possible, the Res Gel Kit comes with everything you'll need to clean your dirty, scary bong in one minute.


Pro Tips for Ooze Resolution Gel

  • Since Res Gel is reusable (score!), pour the used solution back into resealable Res bag. You can use it again and again!
  • Shake the gel for 3-5 seconds before pouring it into your bong. This activates the natural clay-based materials that will eliminate mold and resin.
  • Always rinse your smoking glass in warm water, never hot! Any remaining resin build-up will be washed away by warm water, but if you use hot water, you will melt resin back down and it will stick back onto the glass. In 60 seconds, you've got a clean, sparkling water pipe!
  • After smoking from a water pipe, pour out the dirty pipe water immediately, leave it to dry, and refill with fresh water at the beginning of your next sesh! This gives bacteria, molds and biofilm less of a chance to grow.


A step by step guide to cleaning hand pipes with Ooze Resolution. There are three steps which show a pipe being placed into the gel pouch, closed up and shaken.

New Bundles to Up Your Cleaning Game

Stock up and save on glass cleaning essentials with a bundle before bong-sharing season! All Ooze bundles are discounted collections of some of our must-haves. You can even get a group of friends to split the bundle so you pay less per pouch, like with the Res Gel 12-Pack combo. Check out all our discounted cleaning bundles here!


Your dirty bong doesn’t have to have a scary ending. With Ooze Resolution cleaning gel, you can clean your bong in a pinch without alcohol, lemon juice or coarse salt. Make the Halloween party free of tricks by keeping your pipe clean and free of microscopic monsters.

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