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What is Pass-Through Charging?

What is Pass-Through Charging?

Layne Alfred |

It’s always a bummer when your vape battery starts to blink and it’s time to charge it up. With most batteries, you have to choose between using it and charging it. But with pass-through charging, you can actually use your battery while it charges! That’s why we’re including pass-through charging functions on more of our products.

How Does Pass-Through Charging Work?

Holding a black Ooze type-c charging cable with the logos showing on both ends.

Pass-through charging is achieved by using the Ooze Type-C charging cable. The new Ooze battery releases that feature a type-C port are the Booster, Electro Barrel and Beacon (all the batteries from our C-Core collection), as well as the Twist Slim Pen 2.0. Instead of screwing on the Ooze Smart USB charger to the device, you’ll use the type-C charging cable to connect to the side of the battery. This way, the entire battery stays in tact so you can still use it, even though it’s charging.

Even though you won’t want to use a power bank with your vape battery, it’s the same idea of pass-through charging. The power is literally passing through an extra conductor to reach its destination-- your pen—instead of going directly to it from the wall. Connect one end of the charging cable to the device and the other end to a USB wall charger, and take a hit!

For your vape battery, always use a wall adapter (like the one that comes with an iPhone) and a wall outlet to charge, especially while using the pass-through function. Additionally, always use the Ooze type C cable to ensure you don’t exceed the power capacity when charging your battery. This could cause the battery to overheat and ultimately extend its charging speed, which is the opposite of what we want.

Benefits of Ooze Pass-Through Charging Features

A galaxy purple Booster is turned around and has the type-c charging cable plugged in to use pass-through charging.

The real beauty of using the pass-through charging features for wax vapes, like the Booster, is that there’s no wait time to use it upon purchasing. You don’t need to charge it up completely for it to have enough power to heat up denser materials, like bud and wax diamonds. If it’s plugged safely into the wall with the Ooze type-C charging cable, the pass-through charging will be enough right off the bat to heat the materials quickly.

Of course, it’s also just nice to have a way to use your battery while it’s charging. Sometimes the blinking light takes you by surprise, at a time when you really need it! With pass-through charging features, there’s no need to fret when that happens. Just plug it in and take a draw!


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