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Ooze Activity Book

Why'd We Make the Ooze Activity Book?

  • Get High & Color with Ooze!

    We're OBSESSED with Fun! We are always looking for fun ways to spend our time. We figured an adult, Ooze-themed activity book would be a blast!

  • Secret Discount Codes

    Keep your eyes peeled for codes hidden throughout the book! Save some dough whenever you place your next order.

  • Bursting with Fun Activities

    Keep the Party Going! Now you have something to keep you occupied while you turn up! Spark up, kick back, and enjoy yourself.


THC-Infused Mojito Recipe

Download our simple infused mojito recipe and make your next party a hit! A light, minty, refreshing green-hued drink perfect for summer get togethers!

Featured Freebies

  • Time Warp Wallpapers

  • Digital 510 Printable Poster

  • DM like it's 1929

    Go full analog mode and send the activity book postcards to your friends in the mail!


First Doll Clothes Drop

Download our Spring 2024 drop and print it yourself for even more fun! Find Indica's friend, Sativa, as well as bonus clothes at the download below. Don't forget the tape!

Ooze Coin Flip

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THC-Infused Guacamole Recipe

Download our simple infused guacamole recipe and make your next party a hit! This guacamole recipe comes with a THC twist, including cannabis-infused olive oil, which is simple to make, and made to bake!