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The Ooze Signal

This line of concentrate vaporizers features a wax vape pen with 3 level flex temp settings

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Getting Started:

How to Use Your Signal for the First Time 

Register you Signal and activate the warranty. Find the authentication code at the base of the device & fill out your Warranty Registration Form to activate your warranty.

Turn it On 

Click the button 5 times to turn it on. The Signal LED light around the button will flash green 3 times, and then one flash of the voltage level color.

Load in Your Dab 

Pull the mouthpiece straight up & off your pen. Load your wax directly onto the quartz coils in the bottom of the bucket. We highly recommend using a Twist Hot Knife for quick & mess-free loading! Once the dab is touching the coils, replace the mouthpiece.

Select Your Voltage 

Click the button 3 times to change the voltage level. Try out the 3 different temperatures whenever you get a new strain of extract because different terpenes will taste different depending on the temperature.

Enjoy Your Dabs Anywhere! 

Press the button to heat up the coils and take a puff. Use your strong lungs to take a big pull and enjoy the massive, flavorful clouds you exhale!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Signal Vaporizer Questions Answered!

How to Charge the Signal?

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The Signal uses a micro USB charging cable (sold separately). Plug it into the port by the button and use a USB adapter with a wall outlet. The LED will be red while it’s charging, then turn green when it’s fully charged.

What are the Rubber Rings in the Box For? 

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Each Signal package includes a small plastic bag with 2 black rubber rings. If you pull the mouthpiece off the Signal, you’ll see 2 of these black rubber rings on the base of the bucket. These create the airflow seal with the mouthpiece, so we include 2 extras in case you misplace the originals.

Have Questions About Our Products?

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