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Ooze Vape Pen: A Definitive Guide

Ooze is all about creating and innovating high-quality vaping products for our customers to enjoy. We offer a range of different vape pens and vaporizer devices, but no matter which model you decide fits your needs best, it is covered under the Ooze Warranty Program

Curious about where it all started? Learn all about the history of Ooze and the journey it’s taken since we first launched the Ooze Slim Pen in 2015.

History of Ooze Slim Vape Pens

Slim Pen Touchless

Often known as Slim Pen or Touchless

A black male wearing a red and white striped shirt holds a black Ooze touchless vape pen battery with the charger attached against a blue background.

Previously known as the Slim Pen vaporizer battery, the Slim Pen Touchless battery was the very first version of our Slim Pen.

The Slim Pen Touchless battery ws a very basic 280mAh battery with only one temperature option and no button -- all you had to do is inhale to get a hit.   

The pen also had an auto shut-off safety mechanism that forced it to stop heating after 8 seconds, preventing overheating or any potential dangers. We were one of the very first vape pen makers to install features like these on our batteries, setting a standard against cheap products that overheat.

The Touchless has officially been retired as we've focused on devices with more power and features to improve the vaping exprience.


Slim Twist Pen (1.0)

After the Slim Touchless, we developed the Slim Twist Pen. The Slim Twist Pen is not only a best-seller, but it has by far been our most popular product since its release.  

Female hand holds green, orange, yellow, teal and pink Ooze Slim Twist Pen batteries with chargers attached against a gray background.

With a slightly more powerful 320 mAh battery, the Slim vape pen now has a button to control your every hit.  

Additional Slim Twist Pen features include:

  • Click the button 5x fast to turn the pen on/off.
  • Auto shut-off feature for a 15 second hold time.
  • Click the button 2x to activate a cycle of Prep Mode. This is a gentle heat cycle that clears any clogs in the cartridge airway. We recommend running a cycle before each session!
  • Has a flex temp dial on the bottom for precise temperature control, ranging from 3.3V to 4.8V.

The Slim Twist Pens are available in 15 different colors, including both a rainbow and a Rasta option so you can pick your favorite. 


Slim Twist Pro

We elevated our most popular vape pen battery to a new level with the Slim Twist Pro. The Pro is a full kit that turns the standard Slim Twist Pen into a wax pen for concentrates.

A female hand with bright red nail polish holds a matte black Ooze Slim Twist Pro vape pen against a gray background.


Here’s what the kit includes:

  • A Slim Twist Pen
  • A matching wax atomizer
  • Two extra coils
  • A dabber

The Slim Twist Pro now allows you to use your vape pen with any 510 thread cart PLUS your concentrates in pretty much any form. Load your wax into the atomizer chamber and screw on the lid. You now have access to dabs on the go, anytime, anywhere!

We love these little wax atomizers because they are totally contained and durable. There aren't any external glass components that could crack, and wax and sticky residue won't spill out of the piece if you stick it in your bag or pocket after you're done.


Twist Slim Pen 2.0

A close-up shot of two friends holding Ooze Twist Slim Pens with oil cartridges attached. The pens are orange and green.

The Slim Twist Pen has been our fan-favorite product for years, so it's time that we made improvements on it! Although the saying goes "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," we have years of customer feedback in the bank that we took into consideration while revamping this device. It includes all the details our customers have come to love, plus more features and more color options!

The Twist Slim Pen stays true to its name; it still has a twist dial and it is still slim. We got rid of the little chrome collar at the top and made the entire battery the same width for a sleeker, more streamlined look. The device looks taller and feels more solid in your hand despite only being 1cm longer than the Slim Twist.

The flex temp dial now has a notch for each level that clicks into place, so you always know exactly how hot the device is heating. We lowered the range to 2.0V-4.0V as well. After years of research, we've learned that too many oil cartridge coils were getting burnt, making the oil taste gross. This lower voltage should help protect your carts and your terpenes.

A white man is setting an Ooze Twist Slim Pen down on cement with the pen standing upright. The pen is Polar Pearl white.

This device shuts itself off after 12 minutes of inactivity, which makes the battery last way longer between charges. If your Slim Twist lasts you several days before you have to charge it, you should be able to get at least a week or two out of the Twist Slim. We also added in a second charging option. There is now a type-C port right by the button (type-C charger sold separately). Plug one of these chargers in and you can vape while it's charging!

The button still powers the device on and off by clicking 5x, and activates Prep Mode with 2 clicks. While you can also still press and hold the button down while taking a hit, you don't need to anymore! The Twist Slim has the auto draw function, meaning you can simply rip it to hit it. The choice is yours!

The new pulse wave technology makes the entire piece feel more sophisticated. You'll feel a buzz when the device turns on and off, and when a cartridge successfully connects with the battery by screwing it in. It's all in the details!


Ooze Vape Pen Attachment Products

In addition to our slim vape pen batteries, which are all 510 thread and intended for use with cartridges, we have developed a range of different attachments to be used with wax. 


Glass Globes

A white girl's hand holds two Ooze pens with glass globes attached. A green pen has the Festive globe and a pink pen has the Genie globe.


Ooze globes come in a variety of fun shapes that include both an adapter and dual quartz coils for optimum taste and airflow. The glass globe design milks the hit perfectly so you can get huge clouds every time, also creating a fun visual. Ooze globes are easy to clean, and even easier to use.


Wax Atomizer Packs

Hand holds a black, gold, rainbow, and chrome Ooze wax atomizers in the palm.

Our Atomizer packs upgrade all our standalone batteries into simple wax pens. These are the same atomizers included in the Slim Twist Pro and Duplex vaporizer kits. This includes a wax atomizer attachment and 2 extra coils.


Ooze x Stache ConNectar

A woman's hand is holding a rainbow ConNectar that is aimed into a teal Geode stash jar. There is a gold and a purple ConNectar leaned up against the wall behind her.

We collaborated with Stache to create the ConNectar. This attachment turns your pen into an electric dab straw! Some people prefer using a dab straw over an atomizer attachment because you can dip the tip right into your jar of wax instead of having to load a sticky dab onto a small coil. It's perfect for dabbing on the go!


Hot Knife

Four white Ooze pens are lined up against a blue background and all have Ooze Hot Knife attachments connected.

We're all about making the dab process a simpler, less messy process. One of our main complaints is how difficult the wax can be to pick up and load into a banger or attachment, so we came up with the Hot Knife. This little attachment turns your battery into an electric dab tool.

It's great for a bunch of different concentrate types. For soft, crumbly or buttery waxes, scoop up a dab, hover over the banger or attachment, and press the button to heat the ceramic tip so the dab neatly slides right off, right where you want it. For harder concentrates like shatter, heat up the tip and then cleanly slice a little sliver off for the dab.


Ooze Hybrid Vape Adapters

A woman holds a black Ooze pen in the downstem of the silver Ooze UFO silicone glass hybrid. The pen is using the vape adapter function.


We love to experiment with new ways to smoke! We figured our customers do, too, so we give the option to use your Ooze pen with many of our silicone glass hybrid pieces. In the same spot where you would stick the piece's bowl or banger, you can also insert the tip of your Ooze pen for a filtered, smooth rip of the vape. The silicone down stem is flexible and bends to form a seal with the mouthpiece.


As you can see, we’re always inventing and reinventing. At Ooze, our mission is to improve the vaporizer pens and accessories industry with new and exciting products. Please be sure to leave us a review and tell us which one is your favorite!   

Remember, all Ooze vape batteries are covered by our lifetime warranty. So, if you’ve loved your Ooze battery but something isn’t working the way it should, please reach out to us and fill out a warranty form.
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