Go On a Michigan Weed Adventure!

Go On a Michigan Weed Adventure!

Spontaneous roadtrips and staycations are a great way to celebrate the start of summer because there’s no need to plan too far in advance. Our favorite end-of-the-summer getaway? Cannabis-friendly spots where you can chill out wherever and whenever you want. As a Detroit-headquartered company, we thought we’d highlight some of the best destinations in Michigan-- that are also a perfect pairing for a doobie or two.


1. The Copper House, Detroit

Photo credit: CopperHouseDetroit.com; 7 young black women are gathered together on the front steps of the Copper House. They are all dressed in black and smiling, chatting and laughing with each other. The house is brick with a copper awning over the front window.

The Copper House is a cannabis-friendly AirBnB, inside and outside. It’s located on Detroit’s Northwest side, so whether you’re looking to go out on the town in downtown Detroit or venture to the cute and quaint shops of Ferndale, you won’t have to go far from the Copper House. The entire space is designed to give a welcoming and homey vibe, with rustic touches and a zen backyard complete with a cozy campfire. Plus, the hosts will arrange for massages, meditation, sound therapy, and more depending on what your group is looking for.

Bring any cannabis products your heart desires, and make sure you have all the equipment you may want. The Slugger is perfect for bringing an entire dab kit with you as it secures all the fragile pieces in silicone. Once you’re at the Copper House, you can start preparing the perfect dab, knowing everything in the kit will still be in tact after the car ride.


2. Hot Box Social, Hazel Park

A view of the Hot Box room at the Hot Box Social Consumption Lounge in Hazel Park, MI.

Hot Box Social is Michigan's very first licensed consumption lounge! If you have a birthday bash or another celebration to throw this summer, this is a great venue option. It's a unique set up where you place an order from Breeze Dispensary right down the street, and have it delivered to enjoy on-site at Hot Box. You can even bring your own pieces to smoke it with!

While they are currently only open for private events, they have plans to open to the public on a regular basis in the near future. Hit up their Instagram page for more updates and announcements about events.


3. Pyramid Point Trail, Maple City

A view from the highest point of Pyramid Point Trail in the Sleeping Bear Dunes in Maple City, Michigan.

For one of the most gorgeous views in Michigan’s lower peninsula, take a drive to the northwest side near Sleep Bear Dunes. There, you’ll find a gorgeous nature trail called Pyramid Point that leads you up to a breathtaking, almost bird’s eye, view of Lake Michigan. The hike to get to the highest point is only about half a mile, so you don’t need to be in the mood for an intense workout to enjoy the view.

Bring your Quad battery with you to really enhance the views. It turns off automatically after 12 seconds, so it’s great for when you’re taking longer breaks between puffs. Plus, you’ll know it will still be charged up for the drive home!


4. Belle Isle Park, Detroit

An aerial view of Belle Isle Park in Detroit, MI from the tip of the island.

If you’re not from Michigan, I bet you didn’t know there was a huge and beautiful island located on the Detroit River. Belle Isle Park is a perfect daytrip for Michiganders or staycation for Detroit-dwellers. There you’ll find beautiful gardens, museums and even an aquarium. Bring a picnic and your piece for a relaxing day in front of the Detroit skyline!


5. Wacky Weed Tours, Ann Arbor

A woman in all yellow is smiling in the lower right corner. She is on State Street in Ann Arbor and the top of the photo says "The Wacky Weed Tour Ann Arbor".

My nerdy, history buff potheads—Ann Arbor’s Wacky Weed Tour is for you! Not only will you get major discounts and swag at local dispensaries, you’ll get interesting history about everything related to cannabis. Plus, you’ll get to see the beautiful and historic downtown Ann Arbor!

To make sure your loud bud stays discreet on the roadtrip, beach or trails, consider a smell-proof bag. For a one-and-done packing session (in luggage, that is), use a carbon-lined backpack with tons of compartments for pieces. Or opt for a smell-proof toiletry kit reserved for your herbs and one-hitter.


Regardless of where you’re headed for your end-of-summer getaway, stay lifted with the help of Ooze. Check out all our on-the-go products so you can travel with confidence.

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