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Using the Ooze Smart Charger Protects You and Your Battery

Using the Ooze Smart Charger Protects You and Your Battery

There’s a reason our Ooze Smart USB charger or Micro charger is included with every vape battery—and it might be more extreme than you think. More than keeping your vape battery functioning correctly, this charger prevents any fire hazards that come from an overheated battery.

 A white female hand holds a handful of black Ooze Smart USB Chargers above a gray floor.

This is because our Smart USB Charger has a safety mechanism built in to stop the power flow from the outlet to the battery as soon as the battery reaches a full charge. Think of a dead battery like an empty tank. The charger creates a flow of individual power cells that flow into the empty tank of the battery. Once the tank is full, no more cells can be added.


Overheating occurs when you try to force extra power cells into the battery. There is no room for them to enter or move around, which just builds up an excess amount of heat. If left for an extended amount of time, that heat can get intense, sometimes leading to a fire or even an explosion.


A black Ooze Slim Twist Vape Battery is charging. It is connected to the Ooze Smart USB Charger and in a white cube adapter in the wall. The battery light is glowing green and the charger light glows red to indicate it is charging.A black Ooze Slim Twist Vape Battery has just completed its charge cycle. It is plugged into the Ooze Smart USB Charger and a white cube adapter, plugged into the wall. The battery light is turned off and the charger light glows green to indicate charge is complete.

So how does the magic actually work? We developed a smart chip that blocks the energy flow the moment the battery is charged. Other vape battery chargers continue to fuel those tired and compacted cells, even when the battery is charged. Not only does this pose a risk for fire, it will surely weaken those cells over time. Your battery will be unable to hold a charge for long or even charge at all.

The Ooze charger, on the other hand, will let those cells rest as soon as they’re fully charged. You can plug it in and forget about it, and come back hours later to a fully charged battery without risking overheating and combustion. Plus, the cells inside the battery will remain strong, allowing your vape battery to hold a charge for much longer.

 A rose gold Ooze Slim Twist Vape Battery has been burned and severely damaged from overheating due to use of a non-Ooze charger. The charger is also next to the battery, and the connector has been melted.

This, of course, is why your warranty is only valid when you charge your pen with an Ooze charger. This isn't to force you to only buy our accessories, but to make sure that you are safe and protected from harm throughout the lifetime of your Ooze product. Since most non-Ooze USB chargers will continue to charge the battery even when the charge is full, we can’t back up exploded batteries (it’s happened).

 A white female hand holds an exploded, badly burned and damaged rose gold Ooze Slim Twist Vape Battery. The button has been blown out and the whole body is discolored.

Even if you use a non-Ooze vape battery, there’s still hope for your pen! The Smart USB charger is compatible with all 510-thread vape pen batteries. The smart chip will work the same way with your battery and detect when your pen is fully charged so it never overheats!


Register your Ooze product for your lifetime warranty here—and make sure to use only your included smart USB charger. For more information on our warranties and how to take care of your Ooze products, check out this blog.

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