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Being a Responsible Ooze Customer is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Being a Responsible Ooze Customer is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Layne Alfred |

With warranties on each product, shipping insurance options and more, we want to make sure that if you’re unhappy with your product, we’re able to help. We completely stand by our products, but we also realize that once they arrive in the customers’ hands, we no longer have control over that product’s functionality. Luckily, being a responsible Ooze customer is simple. Follow these three simple steps to keep everything running smoothly—a win-win for everyone!

1. Register your product—it comes with a warranty.

 A close-up shot of a pink Ooze Slim Twist Vape Battery, in the original inner packaging. It is showing the warranty number on the bottom of the battery.

As soon as you open up your shiny new Ooze toy, head to our website. Our Slim TwistTouchless, and Classic batteries come with a warranty! Register your product by simply entering its serial number and your personal information. This way, if your battery ever has any technical issues, our support team can issue you a refund or send you a replacement much quicker.


With all that being said, we can’t do much to help you if your battery has a physical dysfunction or technical issue caused by physical neglect. Our warranties protect against connection problems, inability to charge, and even issues with the charger itself. But, if you follow steps 2 and 3, you will have done everything you could to maintain your product and we’ll be able to replace or refund your battery.

2. Avoid making physical modifications to your Ooze battery.

 A woman with long acrylic nails holds an Ooze Slim Twist Vape Battery that is covered in rhinestones and connected to the smart USB charger.

It seems trivial, but adding stickers or gluing rhinestones onto your pen (we’ve seen it all) can lead to overheating. Some adhesives can also negatively react to the battery’s exterior, even causing it to smoke. Scary—and definitely not the high you were trying to catch. Additions to the exterior can cause permanent damage to the battery, so we can’t replace any that have been destroyed due to physical modifications.

3. Regular maintenance of your Ooze product is key!


A simple cleaning routine for any of your Ooze products will help them last as long as possible. Whether your battery is acting up or your silicone or glass piece tastes a little funky, chances are you can troubleshoot with these cleaning tips.


Battery Maintenance

 A white woman with light pink nail polish holds an oil cartridge and Ooze Vape Battery in her hand to show where both pieces connect. The cartridge is leaking oil and the battery connection is a bit dirty.

Even the smallest bit of debris on your battery connection can lead to connection issues. If your battery light is flashing when you take a hit even when it’s been charging, you might just need to clean it up a bit. We recommend swiping a Q-Tip dipped in alcohol over the rim where the battery and cartridge meet. You should do this every time you change the cartridge, but you really can’t over-clean it!


Bubbler Maintenance

 A Rasta Ooze Clobb hybrid water pipe is fully disassembled and soaking in a white bowl in a clear liquid to remove the debris. The bowl is on a white granite countertop.

Empty the water from your water pipe after each use and rinse with warm water. This helps prevent build-up that can discolor your silicone and give it a funky taste. Depending on how often you use your piece, take your piece fully apart and scrub each part at least twice a month.


Bowl Maintenance

 Four Ooze bowls are soaking in a white bowl filled with clear liquid to remove the debris. A blue Glyco bowl, regular Ooze flower bowl, and two Armor Bowl inserts are there, with the Armor Bowl silicone sitting on the counter.

Keep a toothpick on hand to unclog the small holes in the screened bowls, and give it a good scraping out after each use. If the build-up gets out of hand, it can harden in the holes and become very difficult to remove, often resulting in you accidentally chipping or creating a larger hole in the bowl. Soak your glass bowls in alcohol overnight as soon as you notice any build-up or burnt taste.


Routine maintenance will greatly extend the life cycle of your Ooze product, and will make it easier for our support team will send out a replacement if an issue occurs. Simply register your Ooze product, clean them regularly, and keep the glue gun away from them!


Click here to learn more about our product warranties and how to register.

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