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Secure Your Ooze Purchase with Shipping Insurance

Secure Your Ooze Purchase with Shipping Insurance

Layne Alfred |

We’re excited to introduce shipping insurance options at checkout! Now you can protect and own your Ooze products the moment you purchase them.


Typically companies that offer shipping insurance are sending expensive or “high value” items. So why are we insuring your pipes and vaporizers? Well, for one, we deem those valuable items! The second reason is that we noticed a decrease in our delivered orders. This odd phenomenon can ultimately be chalked up to issues with the postal service.

 A man wearing a red jacket, black baseball cap, and blue face mask opens his mailbox to check to see if he has received a package.

How many packages did you order throughout quarantine and even still? If you’ve ordered as many as I have this year, you probably also noticed a few of those never actually showed up. With everyone working overtime, it's not uncommon to have your package misplaced along the way, no matter where it’s from.


USPS has been riding the struggle bus for a while now, but the effects of COVID-19 have been catastrophic. While the volume of first-class mail and marketing mail has plummeted, e-commerce packages have accounted for most of their profits—which is still not cutting it.


We want to do everything we can to make sure you get your order, no matter what. Our Ooze Warehouse works extremely hard to process your order and get it shipped out quickly. Unfortunately, once the package leaves our doors, we have the same just as much information as you do on its location. Still, that tracking number doesn’t help anyone when it says your package was delivered, yet you’re looking at your empty doorstep.


That’s why we partnered with Route to implement shipping insurance. It’s a super easy option to select at checkout to ensure you get a refund or a prompt replacement if your package got misplaced. If the Route option is selected, we can also help refund or replace any damaged items that you receive.

 A Route Shipping Insurance option list that has the Route logo up top, and two options that read REFUND and REPLACE. The REPLACE option is chosen, and the bar is blue with a check marked.

As soon as you notice your order is lost or damaged, contact Route and fill out the form right away. You have 30 days to request a refund or replacement, beginning at the time of delivery (or when your tracking information says it’s been delivered). Route will begin an investigation once your claim is processed. If your package is missing or stolen, they will get in touch with the postal carrier to help track it down. If it can’t be located, they will send the refund right to your account.


For damaged items, Route will often ask for photos of your damaged package. Then, they’ll determine if they will send you a direct refund, or purchase a replacement to be sent to you from our site.

 A mail bin is sitting on a counter and has several large yellow envelopes in it waiting to be opened.

Here at Ooze, we care about your entire experience. If outside sources are affecting that, we’re always determined to find a way to make it right. That’s what we hope our new shipping insurance will help do in these unprecedented times.


For extra security, make sure to register your Ooze product as soon as you get it! Each comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure a battery replacement if there are ever any technical issues. 

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