The Chameleon Ooze Bectar is laying on its side as a nectar collector. The titanium nail is inserted and Geode dish is open in front. Behind the device is a green and black Xbox controller on an Ooze rolling tray

Introducing the Bectar: Our Newest Silicone-Glass Hybrid Device

Wax or weed: which side are you on? If this question always stumps you (isn’t there always a time and place for both?), we’re excited to introduce our newest hybrid piece: the Bectar. This silicone-glass hybrid piece acts as both a bubbler and a dab straw for those of us who like to mix it up on the regular!

 The Purple and Teal Ooze Bectars are displayed on a gray wood desk. The teal on the right is displayed as a bubbler with the flap open to reveal the bowl. The purple is being held by a female hand as a nectar collector, with the titanium nail dabbing out of the Geode dish.

It’s super easy to convert the Bectar from a bubbler to a dab straw and vice versa.



 A white female hand holds the Chameleon Ooze Bectar in her hand above a green and gray striped carpet. The Bectar is being used as a bubbler, is filled with water and has cannabis in the bowl.

To use the Bectar as a bubbler for your dry cannabis flower, pop open the silicone flap on the side. Pack your flower into this compartment and leave it open to light it and take a hit through the mouthpiece on the top. There’s even a hole on the bottom of the Bectar that acts as a choke for the bubbler (and is also where you’ll insert the dab straw if you’re dabbing). For a smooth and perfectly filtered hit, fill the glass chamber with water to just above the percolator holes.



 The Teal Ooze Bectar is being shown as a nectar collector. A white female hand holds the device with the titanium nail inserted in the Geode dish to dab out of. A black Big Blazer torch is in the background.

Remember that flap on the side of the Bectar that reveals the flower bowl? To use the Bectar as a dab straw, close the flap to seal the airflow. Load your wax into the dabbing dish, attach the titanium nail to the hole in the bottom of the piece, heat it up and take a hit. All you have to do to switch it back to “bubbler mode” is open the flap on the side and remove the nail from the choke.


Dabbing with a dab straw instead of a full rig greatly simplifies the entire process. It’s also more portable and easier to clean than a rig. The Bectar comes equipped with everything you need for a fat dab, including a matching silicone-glass dabbing dish and titanium nail. When the nail is attached, the dab straw is a comfortable distance from the torch and provides the ideal angle for taking a dab.




Unlike our other hybrid pieces, the Bectar is ultra convenient and simple enough for a beginner to use with ease. If you aren’t about huge bongs and rigs that are difficult to clean and impossible to bring anywhere, this is the hybrid piece for you. The Bectar is considered a handheld piece, so it easily fits in a purse or small bag. All of its small pieces disconnect, making it easy and quick to thoroughly clean, too. Plus, there are less “moving pieces” involved with the Bectar. It’s easy to convert the piece to its complementary function.


Being able to instantly switch from smoking to dabbing allows for spontaneity, stretches out your supply, and of course, thrills any group of friends. Save your wax for when your flower is running low, or designate cannabis for daytime use and concentrates for bedtime. Since the Bectar provides both OG ways of medicating in one small piece, it’s all you need in your toolkit.


If you’re more of a stay-at-home stoner that likes a full setup, see why our 4-in-1 silicone devices take “hybrid” to the next level.

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