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Introducing the Brand New Vault Battery!

The four Ooze Vault batteries are laying flat on a white wooden table. The green one is out of the package with a cartridge attached and silver atomizer displayed next to the storage compartment. The silver, black and rainbow batteries are in boxes.

Layne Alfred |

Do you wish you could easily switch between indica and sativa, or even between vaping and dabbing with one product? Meet the Vault, our newest vape and dab pen that doubles as a storage chamber! Now you can mix up your smoke session on a dime.

What's It Hiding?

A white female holds the green Ooze Vault battery in both hands outside on a lawn. She holds the battery in her left hand, and is using her right hand to remove a cartridge stored in the hidden compartment.

To reveal this secret compartment, unscrew the cover next to the temperature dial. Store a backup cartridge if yours is getting low, or a wax atomizer to go from vaping to dabbing in a matter of seconds. It’s much safer than throwing your spare cartridge in your bag, risking breaking the cartridge or oil leaking out. 


Along with a discreet storage compartment on the bottom of the battery, the Vault is perfect for both oil and wax. It’s compatible with all 510 thread cartridges and even comes with a dual quartz wax tank attachment that, of course, fits snugly in the storage compartment. This capability makes the Vault perfect for those who like to use one versatile product for every substance and smoking method. With the Vault, you can have it all.

 The four Ooze Vault batteries are lined up in a row on a white granite counter in front of a gray stone backsplash. From left to right the colors are green black, silver and rainbow.

Plus, it’s stylish! With colors like panther black, slime green, stellar silver or gradient rainbow, match your vape to your personality. The Vault has a unique shape that is a cross between our classic stick-style batteries and our flat, palm batteries. This makes it feel sturdy in your hand and comfortable to grip.

It's a Powerhouse of a Battery

A white female hand with white nail polish holds the rainbow Ooze Vault battery upside down to show the temperature control dial and storage compartment cap.

The Vault’s simple and sleek design is actually a bit deceiving, because this battery is jacked up with all kinds of cutting-edge features. Warm up your substance with the 15-second pre-heat function and adjust the temperature with the dial on the bottom anytime. Turning this dial will change the color of the battery light from blue to green to red, depending on the voltage you choose— everyone likes a visual indicator! Safely charge it up with the included micro USB charging chord. With these design features, you can expect this battery to function optimally for years if treated responsibly.


If versatility is what you look for in a battery, the Vault is the one for you. The uses for this baby never end! Spontaneously transform your vape pen into an on-the-go dab setup by always both on hand (literally—in your hand). Never find yourself out and about with a suddenly empty cartridge and no backups. You can even store your indica cartridge during the day, and when the sun sets, swap it out and store your sativa! Try it out for yourself and see what other puffing perks the Vault has in store for you.

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