The four new Ooze Glass Globe designs are displayed in a line on a white granite counter. From left to right they are Pink with Swoop Globe, Teal with Genie Globe, Yellow with Cloud Globe, and Green with Festive Globe. All are standing in Showcase Stands.

Get Hype for Glass Globes! New Dab Attachments Are Here

Meet the new and improved Glass Globe dab attachments! They say, ‘if it isn’t broke don’t fix it’—but we don’t always operate that way here at Ooze. Sometimes we like to take a closer look at some of our tried-and-true cult favorites, and make them even better. This time we’ve completely redesigned our original line of Glass Globe wax atomizers, a staple since the very beginning of Ooze.


It’s not surprising that they’ve been a favorite. With their ability to instantly transform your 510 thread cartridge vape pen into a full wax setup, it’s one of the most affordable ways to dab. Not to mention, it’s the easiest way to dab on the go. Just screw the coil on like you would a cartridge, and pop the glass on after you load your dab.

 The four new Ooze Glass Globes are all attached to Slim Twist Pens, and four hands are holding them together in a "cheers!" formation in front of a lake and sunset. From left to right they are the Cloud, Genie, Festive and Swoop globes.

Each globe design is a hand blown glass attachment that includes a domed Ooze quartz coil. The coil is actually one of the secrets to the super smooth hit that the globes provide. Wrapped in titanium and wickless, these coils burn your concentrate at the ideal temperature with optimal airflow.


But let’s get in to the fun stuff—our upgraded designs! Each design provides a different experience, so check out which globe fits the requirements of your ideal hit!


Cloud Globe

A white young female hand with white nails holds the Ooze yellow Slim Twist vape pen with the Cloud Glass Globe attached. She is outside on a lawn.

The Cloud Globe is a fat, round bulb around the coil that leads to a straight, skinny mouthpiece. This design allows the hit to collect in the chamber before you inhale it all at once, making for a smooth and incremental hit. If you love seeing all that cloud milk swirling around the chamber and taking a long hit, this is the globe for you.  


Festive Globe

A young, white female hand holds the green Ooze Slim Twist vape pen with the Festive Glass Globe attached. She is under a tree and holds the pen up against a background of leafy branches.

Enjoy the holiday spirit all year long with the Festive Globe—and that’s not just because of its Christmas tree shape. It’s precisely that shape that will give you a massive hit. The vapor doesn’t have much time to collect before it’s sucked right up to the top and into your lungs. What’s more festive than getting baked after one hit?


Swoop Globe

A young, white female hand with white nails holds the orange Ooze Slim Twist vape pen with the Swoop Glass Globe attached. She is outside standing on a lawn.

Similar to our original Curved Neck globe, the Swoop Globe looks like an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top. The special perk of this globe is that the swooping mouthpiece sits at just the right angle to comfortably rest on your lips when the battery is held upright.


Genie Globe

A young, white female hand with white nails holds the pink Ooze Slim Twist vape pen with the Genie Glass Globe attached. She is standing outside on a lawn.

Its unique shape is enough to make you want to load up a dab in the Genie Globe. When you take a hit, the vapor will resemble a genie coming out of its magical lamp to grant all your wishes. Quite fitting for a dab attachment if you ask me!


Regardless of which Glass Globe you choose, easily swap it out for your oil cartridge on your vape pen whenever you feel like switching it up. Plus, you get to dab discreetly wherever you go. Built for optimal functionality, temperature and airflow, the Glass Globes are the perfect dab right in your pocket!

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