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Top 5 Weed Strains for Time-Consuming Tasks

The coronavirus quarantine has given us a beautiful gift: time. Now is a perfect opportunity to make that elaborate meal, paint the walls or deep clean the bathroom. Unfortunately, the long days in quarantine tend to blur together, leaving us feeling lethargic and often unmotivated to take advantage of the time we have.


Cannabis can be a great complement to these “ordinary” days that offer so much opportunity, but lack routine. The right strain can do wonders for getting us excited for the day’s activities. Here are our favorite strains for getting in the zone and actually enjoying those big projects!


Green Crack

A pile of leafy green Green Crack cannabis nugs that are covered in long orange hairs.

Green Crack is the pick-me-up we need right now—and it’s all natural bud, I promise. This super sativa strain provides optimistic energy for hours on end, making it perfect for starting your day on a productive note or before a long afternoon project. You’ll be excited to start the day’s activities, and then you’ll be totally absorbed in each of those as the day goes on.


Jack Herer

A few large, fluffy nugs of the Jack Herer cannabis strain are laid out on a black table. Via Leafly.com

A sativa-leaning hybrid, Jack Herer boasts an impressive lineage including Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights #5 and Haze. Although this strain is technically a sativa-leaning hybrid, consumers claim they feel “blissful, clear-headed and creative,” making it ideal for long days in quarantine. With this strain, you’ll also get a powerful body buzz along with a euphoric cerebral high. No body aches during your day of gardening, and your flowers will look and smell especially magical.



Photo taken looking into a jar filled with buds of the Malawi cannabis strain. Via Leafly.com

Meet your caffeine alternative! Malawi is the pure sativa you’ve been looking for that’s sure to get you right out of bed in the morning. This strain also has profound perception-enhancing effects, so you can take on any activity with a fresh perspective. Even if you decide to do absolutely nothing, the typically “mundane” moments are bound to be elevated with Malawi.


Durban Poison

Two smaller, dense nugs of the Durban Poison cannabis strain sit together on a wood table. Via Leafly.com

Consumers of the pure sativa strain Durban Poison love the energetic cerebral high that comes without any agitation, paranoia or munchies. Durban Poison is most known for it’s thick, resin-coated leaves, fruity aroma and ability to just make time absolutely fly. Upon your first toke, you may find yourself suddenly jumping off the couch with a deep desire to clean the house!


Sour Diesel

A close-up shot of a large nug of the Sour Diesel cannabis strain being held by a pair of tweezers. Via Leafly.com

Rounding out our favorite strains for time-consuming tasks is Sour Diesel, a top choice among medical patients for fighting depression. Another sativa-leaning hybrid, Sour Diesel emits a “pungent, diesel-like” aroma that smells like it makes you feel—fired up and ready to go. Also said to produce extremely powerful cerebral effects, this strain may grace you with delightful epiphanies. What else could you ask for in a time like this? Even if you’re just getting ahead on your laundry, you’ll be more content than a kid in a candy store.  


Cannabis can be a beautiful pick-me-up for these days when we feel like we have “nothing to do.” But, you have to keep in mind the effects that different strains have. Look for sativa-dominant strains so you have the motivation to do all those things you finally have time for—and don’t melt into the couch even further. These sativa superstars are great for the days you need a little extra motivation!

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