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    How Marijuana Enthusiasts Infiltrated A Subreddit For Trees

    How Marijuana Enthusiasts Infiltrated a Subreddit For Trees - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Online Weed Cannabis Trees Stoner Blog Site

    If you were to go to Reddit to check out subreddits about your favorite topic - weed - chances are you may search for "marijuana" or "marijuana enthusiasts," right? Actually, the most popular place on Reddit for stoners can be found at r/trees.

    The “most awesome place in the world,” r/trees is a popular subreddit thread on Reddit with 1.2 million subscribers as of September 2018. Urban Dictionary named it a friendly environment for all people, whether they smoke trees or not.

    People who frequent this subreddit are referred to as “ents,” based of the tree-like characters of the same name in The Lord of the Rings, a “calm and deliberate” race.

    What Happened?

    According to the FAQ on r/trees, marijuana enthusiasts used to hang out at an obvious choice: r/Marijuana. One day, the mods of that subreddit created a new set of rules about what could be posted in the forum and encouraged users to report anyone not following those new rules. This wasn’t cool with the subreddit’s following of mostly mellow, peaceful people, and one of the mods ended up quitting, leaving only one: who turned out to be an “asshole racist islamophobic dick.” This moderator would apparently ban anyone who tried to point out “what an ass” he was, or anyone who talked about starting a new community. Many new attempts were made for a new home for weed fans, but only r/trees stuck.

    Those interested in actual tree-related subreddits can find that at r/sfwtrees and r/arbors, among others. Hilariously enough, you can also go to r/marijuanaenthusiasts for a subreddit about actual trees.

    Stoners for Good

    In August of 2018, redditor PRV_Psychonaut posted a call to action in r/trees in an effort to clean up litter at common smoke spots, expressing how it took less than five minutes to pick up trash at a frequented smoke spot.

    Csquaredisrippn responded with their contributed efforts, saying “If you are gonna smoke, you could take a couple grocery bags with you and make a difference.”

    Redditors have since shared images of themselves picking up trash while they smoke and walk their dog, at their favorite smoke/fishing spot, filling their pick-up trucks full of waste, and generally ensuring their favorite smoke spots were cleaner when they left than when they arrived.

    Scientific AF

    Users of r/trees from 2010 to 2016 were unknowingly being studied to assist scientists in making marijuana discoveries. Researchers say the findings from this study will help identify trends and patterns in the consumption of cannabis.

    A peer-reviewed study accepted for publication in the Drug and Alcohol Dependence journal, used analytics on more than two million posts found on r/trees (the site’s largest marijuana-related subreddit) from 2010 to 2016.

    A key takeaway from this research was how high the average user gets on different forms of marijuana. This research can help identify trends and patterns in cannabis consumption, which, perhaps more important, adds unique insights to the amount of international research done on marijuana.

    Researchers studied the average intensity of highs Reddit users experienced from consuming via different methods: smoking, vaping, dabbing, eating edibles, or using butane hash oils (BHO) like shatter. They distinguished between dabbing and BHO products as one is a method of consumption and the other refers to actual products.

    The crowdsourced data placed dabbing at the top of the list, providing the most intense high. Vaping was at the bottom of the list, producing the least intense high on average according to the study.

    This study provided researchers evidence that first-time marijuana users tend to use r/trees and the frequent posters of the forum as a source of solid information on how to have an experience that is both fun and safe.

    “With diverging medical and scientific opinions regarding the efficacy and safety of cannabis use, new and experienced cannabis users may be seeking out peer-generated information in online communities and social media about these newer forms of use,” the study reported.

    This study leveraged data from a popular social media platform to create a unique viewpoint of the landscape of marijuana.

    “Social media data analysis can uncover behaviors not captured in traditional surveillance and inform terminology and emerging behaviors that larger-scale health surveys may wish to incorporate,” the authors said in the study.

    U.S. States With Legalized Recreational/Medical Marijuana In 2018

    US States With Legalized Recreational/Medical Marijuana in 2018 - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Weed Cannabis 420 Legal Vote Illegal

    Regardless of the fact marijuana is still illegal at a federal level, there are only four U.S. states that agree and that don’t allow any kind of legal weed. The following is the current legal state of marijuana in 2018.


    Currently, ten states enjoy legalized recreational marijuana use: Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, California, and newly-decided Michigan.

    Colorado and Washington were the first in the nation to recreationally legalize weed in 2012. In either state, weed can be purchased if you are 21 or older, but it is still not legal to use in a public space or drive under the influence.

    Oregon and Alaska legalized both the sale and use of recreational weed in 2014. Maine, Nevada, and Massachusetts became similarly legalized in 2016.

    Michigan voted in the 2018 midterm election to allow recreational marijuana for all people over 21. Michigan residents will legally be able to possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis. A 10% tax will be added to retail cannabis in addition to the state’s 6% sales tax. An estimated $100 million in revenue is expected, which will primarily go towards education and state road maintenance.


    Vermont was the first state to legalize weed via a completely legislative process. Gov. Phil Scott signed H.511 into law in January of 2018. That means Vermont residents 21 and over can legally possess up to one ounce of weed and grow as many as two mature and four immature marijuana plants starting July 1. Commercial cannabis sales are still not allowed, though.



    Delaware, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Arizona cover legal protections to medical marijuana patients from other states. Utah and Missouri both voted to allow medical marijuana in the 2018 midterm election. Puerto Rico also allows for medical consumption.

    In New York and West Virginia, it is illegal to smoke weed, but both states do allow the consumption of marijuana in pill or vapor form. West Virginia additionally allows tinctures, topical creams, and patches.


    Oklahoma legalized medical marijuana after the approval of State Question 788. Patients are required to be prescribed by a board-certified physician. Medical cannabis license holders are allowed to possess up to three ounces of marijuana on them, in addition to up to eight ounces at home. A tax of 7% is collected on medical weed.



    This fall, Utah residents voted on a medical marijuana initiative. Legalization opponents were attempting a federal lawsuit to block the initiative from appearing on the November ballot, but finally withdrew their suit in early July.

    Patients with medical cards will now be allowed to purchase up to two ounces of unprocessed marijuana with no more than 10 grams of THC or CBD once every two weeks.



    On Nov. 6, Missourians voted to legalize and regulate the use of medical marijuana via three different proposals:

    The Bradshaw Amendment: A constitutional amendment that would tax marijuana at 15%, using the funds earned to create a state-ran institute to research cures for so far incurable diseases.

    New Approach Missouri: Another constitutional amendment, this would place a four percent tax on marijuana and would spend the earnings on veterans programs and local governments.

    Missourians for Patient Care: This would tax weed at two percent, spending the revenue collected on services for veterans, drug treatment, early childhood education and public safety in cities that have medical marijuana facilities.

    Proposal 2 was passed in the election.



    Arizona was the only state to vote against recreational cannabis legalization in 2016, so it’s not surprising to find it up for a vote again this year, especially considering the slim margin in which it lost: 52/48. The group Safer Arizona needed to collect 150,000 signatures to get recreational legalization on the November ballot, but unfortunately failed and were only able to collect about 75,000.

    Medical marijuana was legalized in Arizona in 2010 by a very narrow margin, with only 4,341 more votes for than against.


    The use of CBD oil is currently legal in Wyoming, Utah, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.


    Don’t plan on moving to South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, or Idaho anytime soon if you like to smoke, as those states prohibit any form of marijuana use.

    Critics still claim marijuana to be a gateway drug with negative health and societal impacts, but many have been positively swayed by the tax revenue potential. 2014 was the first full year that marijuana was recreationally legal in Colorado, and within that one year $63 million in state tax revenue was collected.

    Best Weed-Related Monthly Subscription Boxes

    Best Weed-Related Monthly Subscription Boxes - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Mail Order Delivery Pieces Papers Subscriptions

    These days, monthly subscription services exist for everything – so of course marijuana-based boxes are among those options.

    Signing up for one or more of these services will help you by providing all the papers you’ll need to roll your joints for the month. It is also a great way to try different and new things that you may not think to try or even have access to otherwise.

    Here are some of the best weed subscription services around:

    CannaBake Box

    CannaBake Box provides your “awesome essentials” on a monthly basis and can save you up to 30% per box. You can expect stash containers, glass pipes, papers, cones, lighters, and other smoking accessories shipped to your door.

    Standard Box: $23-$29/month

    Includes 5-9 essentials + gear

    710 Box: $43-$49/month

    Includes 7-12 essentials + gear

    Craft Box: $53-$59/month

    Includes 7-12 essentials + gear

    Past boxes

    Daily High Club

    This service offers three levels of plans and boasts different themes and “epic” collabs.

    All-Natural: $1/month

    This affordable package affords you the ability to light up one per day for the whole month. You’ll receive papers, filter tips, an organic bee wick, and a matchbook every month for just a buck.

    Connoisseur: $12/month

    The Connoisseur package will provide 7-9 products per month, curated by smoking experts.

    El Primo: $30/month

    With the highest tier available through this subscription service you will receive a new glass piece and a total $80 worth of products monthly.

    Past boxes

    Do You Goody Box

    The Loot Pack: $9.95/month

    This pack is perfect for the rollers and smokers who just need the essentials. You’ll receive 4-8 items monthly, but no glass is included in this box.

    The Goody Box: starting at $21.98/month

    Their most popular box, you’ll always receive 5-9 items per month, one of those always being a smoking piece or vape pen of some sort. This box will always have a value of $45-$85 worth of products inside.

    The Top Shelf: $79.98/month

    A monthly product value of $150-$250, this box provides 7-13 items per month, and you’ll receive a piece of top-shelf caliber in each box.

    Past boxes


    Price: $70/month

    Hashbox delivers six types of premium, all-natural cannabis from select and locally sourced growers. You’ll receive 3.6 grams of cannabis monthly, in addition to a complimentary hash, edible, or other trial-sized product. Sadly, this box is only available for California residents.

    Past boxes


    With the Hemper box, you’ll receive core essentials and some surprise items. They collaborate with the “best brands on the market” and celebrities to created limited edition boxes.

    The Hemper Pack: $14.99/month

    The Hemper Pack will provide premium pieces and accessories, the latest in smell-proof tech, cleaning gear, odor eliminators, and more. You’ll receive seven or more items, totally over $35 in value monthly.

    The Glassentials Box: $29.99/month

    The August version of this box included an all-new HEMPER rig, a HEMPER one hitter, a quartz banger, CustomGrow x HEMPER king size papers, a HEMPER glass filter tip, drawstring bag, air freshener, XL doob tube and stickers.

    Past boxes

    Hippie Butler

    Whether you prefer flower, concentrates, or rolling, this box caters to a large variety of customers and allows customized options dependent on what stands out to you most. You’ll receive a personalized sampler pack delivered monthly.

    With Hippie Butler, your boxes are customized based on the kind of smoker you are.

    The Party Favor: $1/month

    The perfect “no frills” subscription service, you’ll receive 3-4 smoking essentials delivered discreetly on a monthly basis.

    Rollers Club: $11.99/month

    Rolling papers, hemp wraps, or mix? Flavored, non-flavored, or a mix? Make your selection and start receiving hand-picked rolling supplies and an occasional bonus glass piece.

    Butler Box: $32.99/month

    Flower or concentrate? Flavored, non-flavored, or a mix? You get to choose, and you’ll receive an exquisite, hand-picked selection of your preferences along with smoking accessories every month.

    Masters Club: $139.99/month

    Flower, concentrate, or a mix? With this selection, you’ll receive a premium selection of high-quality offerings to build your collection every month.

    Past boxes

    The Puff Pack

    With the Puff Pack, you can choose from four curated packs, or build your own pack from scratch to best suit your needs.

    The Economist: $1/month

    “Everything you need to roll up for an entire month”

    The cheapest of Puff Packs, this box will provide Raw rolling papers and crutch papers, and a standard lighter for just a buck every month.

    The Mediator: $12/month

    “A blend of affordability & quality, the perfect combo”

    The Mediator box will offer rolling papers, filter tips, wraps, lighter, hemp wick, doob tube, and a mystery glass one-hitter pipe every month.

    The Artisan: $24/month

    “All the essentials to keep you smoking all month”

    This box will give subscribers rolling papers, filter tips, a mini lighter, hemp wick, bowl screens, pipe cleaners, and a mystery glass pipe every month.

    The Mystery Pack: $28/month

    “Spice up your smoking experience with a monthly surprise”

    Each month the Mystery Pack will include 5-7 mystery items, a mystery glass piece, new and quality name brands, and will always be worth at least $35.

    Past boxes

    The AuBox

    AuBox was created with the idea that weed can be enjoyed in many ways. The founders of this service want to create a luxury experience that can change the way people think about cannabis.

    This is one of the only boxes on this list that includes actual marijuana, therefore (sadly) this service is only available to California residents.

    Day & Night Box: $99-$150/month

    AuBox will complement you around the clock with this option, a monthly delivery of items suited for morning and evening use. Carefully selected sativa products will stimulate socialization and creativity. Included indica products will prepare you for an evening free of stress, full-body relaxation and a restful night’s sleep. Coffee, pre-rolls, vape pens, honey, gummies, elixirs, and hot chocolate are examples of products to be expected when you sign up for this box.

    Edibles Box: $99-$150/month

    The Edibles Box will provide seven to eight edibles from AuBox’s favorite makers. Boxes will include cookies, popcorn, chocolates, tinctures, sodas, mints, gum, and candy.

    Intimates Box: $99-$150/month

    A box meant to foster romance and intimacy, the Intimates Box will include seven to eight items like hemp-infused massage oil, bath bombs, and cannabis breath mints. Pre-rolls formulated specifically to enhance lovemaking, CBD lubricants that support feminine health and satisfaction, and cannabis-inspired toys and candles to set the mood can be expected monthly.

    Sampler Box: $99-$150/month

    Whether you’re a noob or a veteran cannabis consumer, this variety box will introduce you to high-grade indica, sativa, hybrid, and high CBD strains. Each month subscribers will receive a different assortment of seven to eight items like flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, wax, hash, and edibles.

    Beauty Box: $99-$150/month

    With the AuBox Beauty Box, you’ll try elegant hemp-infused complexion and bath treatments and see how the anti-inflammatory properties found in cannabinoids can benefit your skin. Other product examples include feminine care products from Foria, edibles in the for of chocolates and candy, and pre-rolls and flower of the highest quality.

    Man Box: $99-$150/month

    Subscribers of the Man Box will receive seven to eight items monthly, like cannabis protein shakes, pre-rolls, flower, and hash. Also included will be products that harness the power of cannabinoids, like salves and beard oils.

    Pet Box: $99-$150/month

    Pot can benefit your pup, too. With the Pet Box, you’ll receive seven to eight wellness treats for your dog to try. These will include items like non-psychoactive CBD-rich doggie treats, capsules, and tinctures, as well as CBD shampoos, lotions, waters, and hemp toys.

    Past boxes

    How To Be A Productive 'Pothead'

    How To Be a Productive Pothead - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Smoking Working Motivation Lazy Stoner Stereotype Sativa Strains

    Marijuana doesn’t have to fully lock you to your couch and make you lethargic. It can actually be an awesome aid in accomplishing tasks.

    Thankfully, it seems society’s attitude towards marijuana is changing and it is becoming more acceptable as more people make the consumption of cannabis a part of their daily routine. Unfortunately, being a functional member of society while high can still be accompanied with a stigma.

    Here are some do’s and don’ts to guarantee you stay productive while you consume.

    Stay Organized

    It is important to stay well organized if you smoke regularly and are trying to remain productive. Ensure you make your tasks and responsibilities a priority. To-do lists are a great way to stay focused on the errands at hand.

    Make a list of both short and long-term tasks that you need to accomplish, along with reasonable deadlines. Prioritize by what is most important, what should be done first, and the duration each task should take. The feeling of checking off each item as complete is pretty satisfying.

    When you achieve goals you set for yourself, you boost your confidence and motivation, which leads to higher productivity.

    Determine Your Tolerance

    Weed has never been stronger, and not everyone has the same level of tolerance. Determine yours and be aware of the strength of the cannabis you are consuming. This will allow you to be high while still being engaged and properly performing your daily activities.

    Choose Your Strain Wisely

    Sativa and indica are the two major strain categories, but they are also often combined to create different hybrids. There are so many variations of hybrids to choose from, and there’s something to meet everyone’s specific needs.

    Look for sativa-dominant strains when you need energy and an uplifting high where your focus and creativity is increased. Indica-dominant strains are meant to relieve stress, help users sleep, or serve as a painkiller, and would be better to consume at the end of the day when you have completed your tasks and you are ready to unwind.

    Try a lighter strain of sativa with a high CBD content for your daytime consumption.

    Diet & Exercise

    Maintaining a balanced diet and regularly exercising is important for anyone who consumes cannabis daily. Weed can make you feel exhausted and even hungover when consumed over a long period of time, and exercise will speed up your metabolism, helping you stay active.

    The food you consume affects your brain. A neglected diet can have subtle emotional consequences that can affect your life greatly.

    Stick to Light Snacks

    Don’t consume a heavy meal after smoking, otherwise you could fall asleep sooner than you’d like. Foods high in oil and carbs can make even sober people less productive. Try to stick to lighter snacks that will help with creating natural energy like fruit, smoothies, and dark chocolate.

    Don’t Stop Moving

    If you are high and struggling to stay focused, try to avoid sedentary activities, or anything that is just going to lead to you melting into your couch. Tasks that require movement/walking – like going grocery shopping or taking a trip to the post office – are great monotonous tasks that can be easily accomplished while high.

    A huge killer of productivity is lost momentum. Try to keep going until you absolutely must stop. Even a “well-deserved” break can lead to your day ending earlier than you would like. It takes less energy to begin and complete a task if you are already moving. If you reward yourself with too many bong hits, it will be difficult to get moving again.

    Pace Yourself

    Setting the proper pace in all your activities will result in productivity. Too slow of a pace will feel like your tasks take forever, too quick and you risk work that is sloppy and riddled with mistakes. If you are going to smoke while you work on your tasks, ensure you are keeping your high level and smooth, and consuming at regular intervals.

    Don’t Sabotage Yourself

    Provide yourself the proper environment to foster the right frame of mind for a productive day. Working while in bed isn’t always conducive and working in lazy clothes might make for lazy work.

    Keep your stash in a room separate from the one you are working in, so you aren’t tempted to indulge every time you glance over. Try to remove all distractions from your work area.

    Don’t Make Excuses

    You can be a cannabis user and still be productive. Don’t use being high as an excuse, otherwise you let the “lazy stoner” stereotype win.

    Unless you’re consuming cannabis strictly for medicinal purposes, marijuana is a privilege. Weed is meant to be used to enhance your life, not hinder it. You can be a regular cannabis user and still achieve all your goals.

    Be Realistic

    Demotivation can occur when you feel overloaded, but also when you sell yourself short in terms of how much you can accomplish. Set realistic, achievable goals. Try to find that perfect balance between challenging yourself and setting your expectations too high.

    You have to know how to handle yourself both when you are sober and when you are high. You must know your limits, when you have smoked enough, and whether you can honestly handle being high while at work. You have to determine whether being stoned while working is safe for you and your coworkers. By knowing your limits and to exercising self-discipline, you can not only be a productive “pothead” but also even excel as one too.

    If you are stuck working a job you don’t truly enjoy, smoking is sadly going to make you enjoy it even less. To truly be a productive “pothead,” you must be doing something you love, as weed can only enhance a job you already enjoy. If you aren’t doing what you love right now, keep working towards that – it is worth it.

    Willpower is Key

    If you decide to take a break to get high, ensure you don’t fall into a trap of procrastination. Be mindful of how marijuana can kill your motivation and try not to let it. Keep moving, complete all the tasks you intended, and enjoy a more rewarding high knowing your responsibilities have been handled.

    Self-control is just as important as disproving the stereotype of the “lazy stoner.”

    Just Wait

    Timing your sessions appropriately can boost your levels of productivity. If you are preparing for a meeting or involved in a project that requires your full attention, consider waiting until you’ve accomplished the task to light up. This method could serve as an additional bit of motivation to finish your task faster and be able to truly enjoy your high.

    Take Occasional Breaks

    If you are a long-term recreational cannabis user, you may find your tolerance is quite high and that it can be difficult to get sufficiently baked. Taking an occasional break, whether for a few days or a few weeks, can help to reset your tolerance, making your marijuana experience more enjoyable.

    Top 15 Books For Mary Jane Enthusiasts

    Top 15 Books For Mary Jane Enthusiasts - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Summer Reading List Weed Marijuana Cannabis 420 Literature

    Looking for some reefer-related reading material to finish off your summer reading list? Here are 15 of the best cannabis-centric book recommendations for those who love mary jane.


    ‘Beyond Buds: Marijuana Extracts – Hash, Vaping, Dabbing, Edibles and Medicines’

    By Ed Rosenthal

    Ed Rosenthal, expert marijuana grower and a leading authority on weed, created this book that has been considered the ultimate guide to creating concentrates. Creating extracts without any prior knowledge can be dangerous, and this book delves into the safest, cleanest ways to produce them.

    This book provides insight on making kief, water hash, tinctures, topicals, edibles, and other extracts from the leaves, trim, and bud bits of weed.


    ‘Cannabis: A History’

    By Martin Booth

    This book chronicles the process through which marijuana became outlawed in the Western world, and the effect that legislation has had on the global economy. Booth goes into the smear campaign against weed in the early 20th century and the seemingly never-ending war on drugs.


    ‘The Cannabis Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to Cultivation & Consumption of Medical Marijuana’

    By Jorge Cerventes

    This award-winning book contains basically everything you could ever want to know about marijuana cultivation and consumption. It delves into the techniques needed to grow indoors, outdoors, and within a greenhouse. The techniques are well-researched and illustrated with step-by-step instructions.

    Each stage of plant growth is explained: seed, seedling, vegetative growth, clones and mother plants, and flowering. Information on harvesting, drying, and curing in a way that preserves the cannabinoids is explained.

    Case studies about two different indoor garden setups, a big garden in Humboldt County, CA, and Cerventes’ backyard garden is included. Every aspect of cultivating cannabis is explained in detail.


    ‘The Cannabis Manifesto: A New Paradigm for Wellness’

    By Steve DeAngelo

    Steve DeAngelo is an activist and the founder of Harborside Health Center, the largest medical marijuana dispensary in the world. This book serves as both a vision and a call-to-action.

    DeAngelo answers important questions about cannabis while asking his readers to challenge all they know about the plant. He discusses cannabis law and science, and the plant’s physical, spiritual, and psychological effects.

    DeAngelo creates an argument around health and social justice for why cannabis should be legal. He claims there is no such thing as recreational weed, that any use of the plant can be therapeutic.


    ‘The Emperor Wears No Clothes: Hemp and the Marijuana Conspiracy’

    By Jack Herer

    Chances are you’ve smoked down on some Jack Herer, the sativa strain that was named after this activist. A cannabis classic, this book was first published in 1985. Herer spent years collecting and compiling data before publishing, and it remains to be one of the most accurately informative books about cannabis.

    In this book, Herer discusses the plethora of uses for hemp and the war against the marijuana plant. He also delves into the lies surrounding cannabis, the petroleum industry’s attempts to keep legalization from occurring, and the history of the plant. He additionally digs into the racial implications of prohibition.


    ‘The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Cannabis: Concentrated Advice From 25 Industry Leaders’

    By Michael Zaytsev

    Interested in starting a cannabusiness? Let your motivation, creativity, and drive be kick-started with this book. This guide provides interviews with some of the most knowledgeable minds in the marijuana industry. Experts include CEO Scott Reach (multiple Cannabis Cup winner), CEO Steve Angelo (owner of the world’s largest dispensary), Cy Scott (Leafly co-founder), and more.

    If you are considering opening your own dispensary or otherwise entering the cannabis industry, this is a must-read. It offers advice from 25 of the industry’s most notable innovators and investors, like Ethan Nadelmann, the Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance, who ‘Rolling Stone’ once referred to as the “real drug czar.”


    ‘Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana’

    By Dan Michaels, photographs by Erik Christiansen

    A book with hyperdetailed photography, this field guide provides the lineage, flavor, and characteristics about some of your favorite strains.

    Whether you’re a seasoned stoner or general pot enthusiast, this book will teach you more about what you’re smoking so you can better enhance your high.

    You’ll learn about the variations of lineage, flavor, and mental/physical high that accompany 170 different strains.


    ‘How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A Highbrow Guide to Getting High’

    By David Bienenstock

    David Bienenstock is the cannabis journalist (former editor of ‘High Times’ and ‘Vice’ columnist) who wrote this entertaining guide to all things weed. This book will teach you the history of marijuana, the difference between wax and shatter, and how to properly roll a joint. This guide is perfect for both newbies and veteran enthusiasts.

    This book includes insider advice from Willie Nelson, Melissa Ethridge, and Dave Chapelle. It answers questions like “How can I land a legal pot job?” and “Should I eat a weed cookie before boarding the plane?” It will take you through the plant’s lifecycle from farm to bowl, explore cannabis customs, culture, and travel.


    ‘Just Say Yes: A Marijuana Memoir’

    By Catherine Hiller

    In possibly the first marijuana memoir ever published, author Catherine Hiller recalls her positive relationship with cannabis over a fifty-year period, how it has affected all aspects of her life, from motherhood, work, sex, friendship, and marriage. Hiller describes her experience with weed at Woodstock and during her time in New York City in the ‘60s. This book proves that it is possible to live a normal life while being a regular marijuana consumer.


    ‘The Little Black Book of Marijuana: The Essential Guide to the World of Cannabis’

    By Steve Elliott

    This concise cannabis guide explores weed culture and history. It covers the essentials in terms of using, cultivating, cooking with cannabis, identifying strains, and understanding the legal and health issues that can accompany use.


    ‘Marijuana for Everybody!: The Definitive Guide to Getting High, Feeling Good, and Having Fun’

    By Elise McDonough

    Presented by ‘High Times,’ this illustrated handbook is a comprehensive, accessible guide to marijuana, the culture behind it, and its uses. Subjects include: what pot is and how it works, tips to manage your high, cooking with cannabis, FAQs and a section titled “I’m High, Now What?” with activities for the freshly baked.


    ‘Marijuana Grower’s Handbook: Your Complete Guide for Medical and Personal Marijuana Cultivation’

    By Ed Rosenthal

    Another work from Ed Rosenthal, this prepares beginner to advanced level readers with the knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary to grow great ganja both indoors and outdoors. Rosenthal has over 30 years of experience growing marijuana, and this book can teach you the most efficient ways to save time, labor, and energy, resulting in lots of bountiful buds.


    ‘The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook: More Than 50 Irresistible Recipes That Will Get You High’

    By Elise McDonough and the editors of ‘High Times’ magazine

    This cookbook is the first from ‘High Times’ magazine. It includes easy, accessible recipes and tips to make cooking with cannabis easier. You’ll find an array of recipes for any occasion, like appetizers, entrees, stoner sweets, cannabis cocktails, and holiday feasts. Recipes include Time Warp Tamales, Sativa Shrimp Spring Rolls, Pico de Ganja Nachos, and Pineapple Express Upside-Down Cake.


    ‘The Pot Book: A Complete Guide to Cannabis’

    By Julie Holland

    A complete educational guide to weed, this book can teach you about marijuana’s psychological and physiological effects, along with its place in policy, parenting, creativity, spirituality, and business. Julie Holland is well-known psychiatrist, and this includes contributions from Andrew Weil, Lester Grinspoon Tommy Chong, Allen St. Pierre from the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, and more.

    This book delves into the top ten marijuana myths and encompasses a broad spectrum of information from stoner customers to scientific research. This guide provides necessary facts and authoritative opinions on a subject full of myths, misconceptions, and stereotypes.


    ‘Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana – Medical, Recreational and Scientific’

    By Martin Lee

    Martin Lee, an award-winning investigative journalist, observes a complex landscape where legal ambiguity and scientific breakthrough meet. Lee sheds light on underreported scientific breakthroughs that have been reshaping the therapeutic landscape. He discusses how treatments for cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, chronic pain, and lots of other conditions have been developed using the marijuana plant.