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Cannabis Drinks for Dry January

Cannabis Drinks for Dry January

Layne Alfred |

Dry January with Cannabis Mocktails

Dry January is a popular practice where those participating swap out drinking alcohol for healthier alternatives for just the month of January. It might sound like a punishment for New Year’s Eve festivities, but it can have lots of benefits, like renewed sleep, a body detox and a different perspective around drinking. It lowers your tolerance—you’ll be a cheap date in February. Overall, it’s just a good way to mix things up at the start of a new year.

And speaking of mixing things up, one of the best ways to take the edge off your Dry January endeavor is with cannabis mocktails and drinks. Not only are these fun to make (you’ll be calling yourself a mixologist after trying a few recipes), they can be a great option for switching gears after a long day, instead of that glass of wine. You’ll wake up with no sign of a hangover, and might even feel more rested!

How to Trade the Booze for Infused

Making a cannabis drink is simple—just grab yourself a premade THC tincture and add your desired dose to any drink recipe. You can also make your own out of raw cannabis flower. If you’re new to the sticky green stuff, make sure you calculate how much THC is going in each drink. The recommended starting point for the average user is 10mg at once, so if you’ve never partaken, start with 5mg.

Also, keep in mind that the effects of cannabis will take longer to hit you when you consume it orally rather than smoke or vape it, so give it at least an hour before you go in for more. On the same note, the effects of a cannabis drink will also last a lot longer than a bong hit, even three times as long or more.

Feel free to experiment with any drink recipe you want, but these are just a few of our favorites if you can’t decide. In the spirit of starting a healthy 2024, we’ve selected some energizing and detoxing recipes to help you achieve all your New Year’s resolutions. Cheers to cannabis!

Cannabis Drink Recipes

Cannabis Lavender Latte

We all love something cozy for snowy January days at home. Try this frothy, floral latte (spiked with your THC or CBD) for calming yet stimulating effects.

Cannabis-Infused Orange Ginger Detox Smoothie

If you’re looking for something to brighten up these dark winter days, spike this deliciously detoxing orange ginger smoothie with your cannabis tincture. With so many fruits and veggies out of season this time of year, citrus fruits are always readily available and perfect for boosting winter immunities, too!

Cannabis Hot Toddy

If you want to capitalize on the great sleep you’ll get just by doing Dry January, try a soothing cannabis-infused tea drink before bed. The classic hot toddy is also said to alleviate cold and flu symptoms, so if you caught the post-holiday bug, this one is for you.

Infusion Made Easy with a Dry Herb Vape

If you're a frequent flower smoker, we highly recommend trying out a dry herb vaporizer this month! The leftover brown, toasty leaves are perfect for infusing into your drinks! Plus, our C-Core flower vapes both fit up to 0.5g in the chamber, so it won't take too long to build up a stash to make your tincture.


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