How to Celebrate 420 Expert Guide

How to Celebrate 420 Expert Guide

How to Celebrate 420 Ultimate Guide

Every April 20th, stoners from around the world get together to celebrate the plant we all know and love: Mary Jane. 420 is a holiday that comes around once a year so, it's only right to celebrate with a fat re-up and a smoke sesh that would make Cheech & Chong proud. However, there are tons of other fun stoner activities that you can partake in between bong rips. In this blog, we are sharing all of our expert tips on how to celebrate this April 20th!

What is 420?

We all know that 420 is an international holiday for smoking marijuana but, we don’t all know how it started. Back in the ’70s, weed was becoming an extremely popular after-school activity. It actually became such an honored after-school tradition for five high schoolers in San Rafael, California, that they started to meet up every day at precisely 4:20. This was the birth of the term and the start of a movement from stoner to stoner as an underground code for getting baked.

What to do on 420

If this is your first 420 or even if you are a seasoned cannabis connoisseur, figuring out how to celebrate 420 right can be a challenge. This guide will help you prepare so you can have the best 420 ever!

Prep your gear for takeoff

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your house! If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your favorite smoking utensil, it's seriously time to clean your gear before the big day. We suggest grabbing some Ooze Resolution Gel Glass Cleaner and deep cleaning your pieces for the most important sesh of the year. If your glass just needs a quick wipe down, we recommend picking up some Ooze Resolution Wipes to prepare your gear for takeoff. You and your smoking buddies will be so happy every time you take a clean rip!


Restock your secret stash

It's a no-brainer that you should hit the dispo and pick up some fun new strains for 420. If you aren’t sure what you are looking for and want to try something new, read our Top 5 Strains for 420 Month blog to find the perfect one for your unique preferences! We also recommend checking Weedmaps to find the best 420 deals in your area.


Shout-out to our Michigan peeps: check out OozeX products now available at dispensaries across the state! We now offer cartridges, 1g disposables and concentrates at tons of locations. Each strain is sure to get you lifted and is a special treat for your mind, body and taste buds on 420!


Stop cottonmouth in its tracks

Cottonmouth sucks and is going to happen after a few hits if you don’t prepare properly for your sesh. If you want to avoid feeling like Spongebob in Sandy's dome without water, make sure your smoke circle stays hydrated. For other pro tips for stopping cottonmouth, we highly recommend reading our How to Combat Cottonmouth guide before you sit down to spark up.


Set the mood with a fire 4/20 playlist

An image of an older sedan parked in front of the Ooze HQ sign. The image has a distressed filter over it and the bottom says Ooze 420 A Chill Playlist by Ooze Staff.

Did you know that music sounds better when you're high? According to Neuroscience Professor Daniel Levitin, listening to music with a marijuana buzz produces feelings of euphoria and can make you feel more connected to the music. To celebrate 420 right, we recommend putting on your favorite music to smoke to during your sesh. If you need some recommendations, here is our Ooze 420 Spotify Playlist! It's got 67 songs and 4 hours 20 minutes of classic stoner bangers that will instantly bring the perfect vibe to your sesh.


Learn a new smoke trick

If you want to impress your smoking circle, learn how to do some fun smoke tricks! Your friends will be amazed at your skills and it will be a fun activity to teach during the sesh. We even created a step-by-step guide to show you How to do Vape Tricks Like a Pro.


Play stoner games

If your crew is feeling extra adventurous this 420, we suggest hosting your own Stoner Games! We have tons of fun group activities that will make your 420 parties lit af. With games like a joint rolling competition and a lighter scavenger hunt, you can’t go wrong!


Make marijuana edibles & cannabis mocktails - 420 recipes

420 isn’t just for smoking. If you don’t smoke or would like to switch things up, make yourself some marijuana edibles and cannabis mocktails! Our 420 recipes are super delicious and easy to make at home. Learn How to Make Weed Cookies for a sweet dessert option or How to Make THC Infused Drinks for a great booze-less buzz. Either way, making these 420 recipes will make your day that much more special!

Pro-tip: Use your cashed weed to make edibles! Unfortunately burned weed won’t work for high-inducing snacks, but vaped weed does. Vaping cannabis actually does the decarbing process for you, which is one of the biggest tasks when making edibles from scratch. We love the Verge and Flare dry herb vaporizers for keeping cashed weed fresh until it’s ready to be used—again! Here’s how to make perfect edibles from vaped weed.


Watch one of the best stoner movies

Watching a movie high af is an honored tradition in the stoner community and it's only right to watch one of the classics to celebrate this holiday. We recommend watching one of your favorite stoner movies. Our personal favs are Pineapple Express, Up in Smoke, Dazed & Confused, The Big Lebowski, and Fast Times At Ridgemont High.


Order some stoner-approved takeout

You can’t have an amazing 420 without some amazing food. Ordering takeout for your 420 celebration is practically stoner law. We suggest grabbing your go-to order. If you don’t have one, it's safe to say that weed and pizza are a match made in heaven. If you live in southeast Michigan, check out our 10 Best Detroit Style Pizza Places for some stoner-approved pizza options!


Buy a shiny new piece

A blonde girl is hitting a purple Glyco Freeze Bong that has a rainbow Ooze Booster inserted for dabs

It's only right to buy yourself or the stoner in your life a present on 420. We have tons of fun new pieces that are perfect for celebrating. Our newest innovation (and most popular collection yet) is the C-Core collection, which uses cutting edge technology for even heating and maximum terpene flavor. With sleek devices for vaping wax, oil and dry herb, there’s an affordable option for every type of smoker.

If you’re still itching to shop, check out our 420 Gift Guide!


There you have it, your ultimate guide on how to celebrate 420. Just remember to celebrate responsibly! If you or any of your friends get too high, here are 8 Ways to Sober Up When You're Too High.

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