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Host Your Own Stoner Games!

Host Your Own Stoner Games!

Whenever the Olympics roll around, we feel a little extra inspired to compete. Combine that with the usual summertime and post-COVID-19 excitement and any summer party game day you throw is bound to be a hit. Make your Beer Olympics or game day even more exciting this year with a Stoner Olympics instead!


Here at Ooze, we had our own version of the Weed Olympics in anticipation of the upcoming Summer Olympics starting in just over a week. Obviously, we would be amiss to not share our favorite stoner games with the rest of the Oozelife family. These little contests are simple enough for the most stoned to be able to do, and fun for everyone, no matter if they choose to indulge or not. The best part is that the only materials you need are what you’d have for a regular smoke session!


Ooze Stoner Olympics Games


Best Joint Roller

  1. Grab however many contestants you want and gather them around a table or hard surface.
  2. Prepare each of them with a rolling paper and some sticky, nicely ground nugs.
  3. Set the timer for 60 seconds.

The most beautiful and precise roll wins! You can elect a judge or have everyone vote for the winner.


Pin the Joint on Vince

Vince is the owner here at Ooze, so obviously he was our target for the Ooze version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Obviously, you can pin the joint on any of your guests!

  1. Select a “donkey” or receiver of the joint.
  2. Line everyone up and blindfold the first in line.
  3. The “contestant” will walk forward towards your elected Vince and try to put the joint in their mouth.

Tray Toss

  1. Draw or tape a small circle on the ground a good distance away from the contestants.
  2. Equip each participant with 5 rolling trays each to try to toss into the circle.


Lighter Hunt

  1. Scatter mini lighters around the yard or house.
  2. Give everyone a bag to collect their lighters.
  3. Set the timer for two minutes.

Whoever finds the most lighters after 2 minutes wins!


Joint Limbo

If you’re as lucky as we are and have a giant RAW inflatable joint lying around, put it to use in your weed Olympics! It makes the perfect limbo stick. Keep lowering it until you only have one winner who hasn’t fallen.


Nug on a Spoon

As you might be starting to see, you can put a stoner twist on just about any game, and “egg on a spoon” is no exception. Teams just have to run a short distance while keeping a nug perched on their spoon. Drop the nug and you’re out!


The 8th Race

Unfortunately we weren’t able to participate at our own games, but another great idea for your Stoner Olympics is the 8th Race.


  1. Divide everyone into team of four.
  2. Give each team 3.5 grams of flower, a pack of rolling papers, a bowl, and blunt wrap, and a 4th smoking accessory of their choice.


Whichever team can smoke that 8th of weed the fastest will be crowned the champions!


You can deck your Stoner Olympics out with decorations and prizes for winners, or bring out the games during a casual hangout. Either way, these games are sure to get everyone in the competing spirit… and a little stoned at the same time. 

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