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Introducing the Quad Vape Battery!

Introducing the Quad Vape Battery!

Are you tired of your vape battery rolling off the table and breaking? We were, so we created the Quad, our first square Ooze vape pen battery! This 510 thread vape pen is designed to protect your cartridge by laying flat on every surface. Its square edges will never roll of the table and provide a comfortable yet secure grip in your hand.

The Quad has been an instant hit with Ooze fans! We're all about giving the people what they ask for, so we have 3 snazzy new color options to choose from. Ice Pink, Arctic Blue, and Mary Jade all have a glossy pearl finish that really elevates the device. The Quad is now available in 11 different colors.

Ouad batteries with yellow background

A unique square shape isn’t the only safety feature the Quad has to offer. This battery is designed with auto shut off, so it will turn off after 12 minutes of inactivity. Not only does this greatly extend the time between charges, it also protects from accidental misfires in your pocket.

The Quad is equipped with flex temp, a 4-cycle voltage system that can be changed as desired by clicking the button 3 times. Flex temp lets you choose what level is best for the unique coil on your cart.

The 4 temperature settings are:

  • Green 2.7v,
  • Blue 3.2v,
  • Yellow 3.7v
  • Red 4.2v
These are the only voltage colors, so if you see a different color while you're pressing the button and did not buy your battery through our website, it might not be a legitimate Ooze product.
yellow and pink with 4 Ouad vape batteries

This unique battery is also designed with preheat mode, which will cycle a rainbow pattern. To activate preheat mode, click the button 2x.

The Quad also has dual-port charging options. You can charge it with an Ooze USB charger that comes with your battery by screwing it into the top of your pen. The Quad can also be charged through the USB-C charger port located at the bottom of the battery. Charging both port ends at the same time will NOT speed up charging time and could fry your battery. So, no matter how fried you are, don’t do it!

Quad batteries with purple, pink, and yellow background

After purchasing your Quad square vape pen, go to our Product Registration Page and register your battery using the authentication code located on the base of your pen.

For more instructions on how to use your battery check out the  page!
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