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Back to College: Microdosing Cannabis to Alleviate Stress

Back to College: Microdosing Cannabis to Alleviate Stress

Going back to college is always fun; reuniting with friends, starting new classes, and heading out to all the campus events. However, for many students, starting a new semester with a heavy class load can also bring up a lot of stress and anxiety. If going back to college has impacted your physical or mental health, it's time to start taking action so you can have the best semester yet!

One way to alleviate stress this semester is to start microdosing THC. If you are skeptical, this doesn't mean lighting up a fat blunt 15 minutes before your next exam. The goal of microdosing is actually not to get high but to improve cognitive function, focus, sleep and alleviate anxiety.

The practice of microdosing has become more and more popular among cannabis consumers in both the recreational and medical space. In this blog, we will dive into what microdosing means, the benefits of microdosing cannabis, and tips on getting started.


What is Microdosing Weed?

Microdosing refers to the art of consuming tiny amounts of THC to experience the medicinal effects of cannabis without getting blasted into outer space. This is not how weed is typically used since most cannabis enthusiasts enjoy getting high and don't stop smoking until they get there.

Microdosing is all about finding the right dose, a perfect medium between being sober and stoned. Since a regular dose of THC is about 5-10mg of THC, depending on the product and your tolerance level, a microdose will be anything from 1mg to 5mg.


Benefits Of Microdosing Cannabis

Microdosing cannabis provides a ton of benefits that you might not experience when you consume a standard dose. Here are three benefits of microdosing cannabis that can help you get back into the swing of things this semester:


Ease Anxiety and Stress

Although cannabis users have long reported that weed helps them manage anxiety and stress, little research backs that up with standard dosing. However, researchers in a study at the University of Chicago found that a low dose of THC can help ease anxiety and reduce stress. It is important to note that this study highly depends on a microdose.


Improve Sleep

It's hard to get a good night's rest in college, but you may actually be able to improve your sleep by microdosing weed. In a study published in the Canadian Pharmacists Journal, researchers found that a low dose of cannabis helped patients improve sleep quality, and some participants even stopped using their prescription insomnia medication.


Decrease Pain

It's no secret that cannabis has been used for pain management, but it is interesting to note that a microdose of THC can also relieve pain. A study at the Institute of Pain Medicine in 2020 found that people given just 1 mg of THC showed significant pain decreases compared to placebo, even for participants who didn't note any noticeable psychoactive effects.


Best Cannabis Strains for Stress and Anxiety

Not all cannabis strains are created equal when treating stress and anxiety. Since some strains can actually make symptoms worse, it is vital to choose your strain wisely. The most essential thing to do when looking for a cannabis strain to ease stress is to pick a strain with a high CBD-to-THC ratio.

CBD and THC are both cannabinoids that are found in cannabis. However, CBD is not a psychoactive compound, meaning it doesn't get you high, while THC does. By choosing CBD-dominant strains, you can ensure that your microdose mission to relieve stress without getting disoriented is successful.


How To Microdose Weed: Finding the Perfect Dose & Products

Finding the perfect dose is a crucial step to becoming a pro at microdosing. There are a few things to consider, such as your current cannabis usage, tolerance, metabolism, and product preference. These factors will play a pivotal role when selecting your starting dose.

If you’ve never consumed THC before or smoke weed every day, it's important to consider. All in all, we recommend starting with 1 or 2 mgs of THC at first. You can always increase the dose as necessary. If you are not sure what products to try, here are some of our recommendations:


Low Dose Edibles

If you have been to a dispensary recently, you know they have a wide variety of edibles available. There is no shortage of options, from baked goods to THC drinks. We recommend looking for edibles with a low THC dose per serving, with 1-2.5mg of THC per dose. These types of edibles usually come as a pack of small candies, mints, chocolates, or gummies. Just make sure to investigate the label, and do not be afraid to ask questions!


Kick it Old School with a One Hitter

A one-hitter is a great idea when it comes to microdosing weed. This neat little product is perfect for sectioning out a small dose of flower, making it easy to go low and slow. Combined with a high CBD, low THC weed strain, you have a stellar recipe for success.


Try Out Tinctures

If your goal is to be as precise as possible regarding your microdosing, THC tinctures are a great investment. Most tinctures come in a glass bottle with a dropper, making administering low and consistent doses easy. You can put it directly on your tongue, make a fun THC drink recipe, or add it to a glass of water.


Microdosing THC  is a great way to destress in college so you can focus on hanging out with your friends, learning something new in all your classes, and killing your exams!

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