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How to Throw a New Year's Eve Party with Cannabis Options

How to Throw a New Year's Eve Party with Cannabis Options

Samantha Catrambone |


It's that time of year again when everyone gathers with friends and family to countdown the final hours of December, eagerly anticipating what the new year holds. Instead of the usual bash, why not switch it up and throw a chill weed-themed party this New Year's? Ring in the new year in style by sparking up your favorite strains and vibing with your crew. This guide has all the tips for hosting a memorable weed-themed New Year's Eve party that your friends will be talking about all year!

Weed Themed Party Ideas for New Years Eve

1. Kick it off with a Welcome Joint

Start the evening on a high note with a warm welcome joint – the perfect way to greet any cannabis enthusiast as they arrive at your party. To make things easy, we recommend picking up pre-rolled joints in bulk from your local dispensary, saving you the hassle of rolling on the spot. You can display them in a festive dish near the entrance or keep them on hand in a stylish fanny pack to personally distribute them and set the tone for a fun night ahead!

2. Create a Buzz-Enhancing Party Playlist

It's a known fact that weed elevates the auditory experience making music sound better, which is why your stoner party playlist must be on fire. While including a couple of weed-themed tracks is a solid move, it's crucial to strike the right mix of songs to resonate with many preferences. If the thought of crafting the perfect lineup feels a bit overwhelming, we recommend creating a collaborative playlist! Invite your friends to contribute their favorite buzz-enhancing requests, ensuring a diverse soundtrack that all can enjoy.

3. Set Up Weed Stations

Everyone has their preferred way to enjoy cannabis, so why not amp up the party with some dedicated weed stations? Consider creating a dab bar, decked out with a variety of options and cool gadgets like your go-to dab rig, dab straw, or an electronic concentrate vaporizer. You can also set up a flower station featuring a selection of fun strains alongside your favorite bong, hand pipe, or dry herb vaporizer. Just a heads up, go for options that aren't easily breakable – parties can get wild, and the fewer unhappy accidents, the better!

4. Make THC-Infused Treats

Nothing beats the delightful combination of THC and your favorite tasty treat, so it's a must to include some edibles at your weed-themed NYE party. We suggest whipping up crowd pleasers like THC jello shots or cannabis-infused cookies. Just a friendly reminder: make sure to properly LABEL all THC-infused treats to avoid anyone unintentionally diving headfirst into the cookie jar.

5. Grab NYE & 420 Party Favors

New Year's is all about the party favors, and at a weed-themed NYE bash, it's only fitting to spice things up with some 420-friendly additions. Start by checking online for your usual NYE goodies like hats, balloons, and party horns. Amp it up a notch by snagging a few 420-specific favors (bonus points if you've got leftovers from April) to set the ideal vibe for a cannabis celebration.

6. Create THC Mocktail Menu

Ditch the usual cocktail menu and step it up with THC mocktails! Get creative by batching some options like a Lit Lemonade or embrace winter vibes with THC-infused mulled wine and hot chocolate. A THC mocktail menu is sure to be a hit, offering the perfect alternative for those looking to sip on something booze free that will still provide a buzz!

7. Stock Up On Munchies

It's a bit of a no-brainer, but weed tends to kick in the munchies, making it crucial to have an array of dank snacks ready throughout the night. While you can totally supply snacks yourself, we recommend asking your friends to bring their favorite munchies too. This creates a fabulous vibe where everyone can ring in the new year while sampling a variety of high snack combinations!

8. Spark Pre-Rolls At Midnight

No New Year's party is truly complete without a celebratory cheers at midnight! To add a unique twist, consider passing out prerolls to everyone just before 12. This way everyone can start the new year right with a celebratory joint sesh with their favorite stoner crew. Just a heads up, though – make sure to scatter plenty of ashtrays around the party to avoid any unwanted mess.

There you have it, a comprehensive guide packed with all the tips and tricks you need to throw an unforgettable cannabis-infused New Year's Eve party. From setting up themed stations for various preferences to concocting creative THC mocktails and ensuring a variety of munchies for those inevitable cravings, your celebration is bound to be one for the books. Cheers to starting the New Year on a high note!

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