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Pro Tips from Ooze: Make Your Battery Last Longer & Prevent Overheating

A group of Ooze Slim Twist Batteries in all different colors are laying flat on a gray wood table. All the batteries have the smart usb charger attached except for the black battery that has an empty cartridge on the very right.

Jane Wagner |

We want your Ooze product to function optimally for as long as possible. Along with using the included Ooze Smart Charger and keeping your device clean, we recommend turning off your battery between uses. Each tip we provide will extend the life of your battery and prevent any mishaps that come from overheating.

 6 Ooze Slim Twist Batteries are lined up on a wood coffee table with other accessories visible in the background. From left to right the colors are blue, green, yellow, teal, purple, and white.

It’s actually a myth that turning your battery on and off between sessions will drain the battery. The opposite is true! Making sure your battery is fully resting during the hours between hits will improve your overall battery life between charges.

 A white female hand holds the white Ooze Slim Twist pen with a cartridge with a black mouthpiece. The light around the button is lighting up green.

All you have to do is click the button five times quickly to turn it off. The light will blink a few times to let you know it’s powering down. Click five times to turn it back on. Anytime you aren't actively taking a hit or plan to in the next few minutes, it's a good idea to just turn it right off.


Not only will this protect your battery so you can wait longer between charges, but it also prevents any accidental firing of the heat source. For example, if you leave the battery turned on and put it in your pocket, there is a chance the button could get accidentally pressed by your wallet or keys. All it takes is one wrong angle!

 A rose gold Ooze SLim Twist pen that has overheated and exploded is held in the palm of a hand. The button is gone and there are warp marks all over the battery.

If the button is accidentally pressed down just once, the battery will automatically shut off after the 10-second heat cycle is through. However, if it happens to be pressed frequently, it can quickly overheat— especially in the confined area of your tight pocket. This is where we enter the danger zone of battery overheating. It could burn your leg or the contents of your bag, with the rare danger of possible explosion.  


We want you to keep your battery in working order for as long as possible, and we value your safety above all else! It's important to follow these simple tips to get the absolute best experience with your Ooze product.

 A white female hand with maroon nails holds the Ooze Smart USB charger above a gray tile floor.

Make sure to always use the Smart USB Charger included with each Ooze battery as well. This is our number one tip to make sure your pen lasts as long as possible, and frequent charging isn’t necessary.


Other USB chargers can easily overcharge your battery, weakening the cells inside over time. This is because other chargers continue to charge the battery, even when the charge is full. If you charge your pen overnight like most, you can easily degrade your battery in just a few months. The Smart Charger automatically stops supplying energy to the battery as soon as it’s fully charged.

 A black Ooze Slim Twist battery is attached to an Ooze Smart USB charger and plugged into a white Apple cube charger adapter. The button light is glowing green and the charger light is red to indicate the battery is charging.

To use the smart charger, simply remove your cartridge and replace it with the charger. Plug the charger into your own USB cube—the light on the battery will turn on and the light on the charger will be red if the battery is low. You’ll know the battery is fully charged and the power is “shut off” when the light on the charger turns green and the battery light turns off. It’s compatible with all 510-thread cartridge vape batteries, so you can keep even your non-Ooze battery safe.


For more tips on how to prevent overheating, check out How to Find the Best Temperature for Your Ooze Pen.

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