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Ceramic Vaping vs Quartz Vaping

Ceramic Vaping vs Quartz Vaping

Layne Alfred |

Quartz vs Ceramic for Vaping

Quartz is a popular material for many vaping devices, but with more ceramic options popping up, you may be wondering: what’s the difference, really? While both are suitable for vaping devices and dab rigs, they have unique properties that affect the entire vaping experience.

Here at Ooze, we offer lots of quartz options for vaping. It’s more affordable than most ceramic products and does the job every time. But, our patented ceramic products have benefits over quartz related to the actual experience, including flavor, cloud size and intensity of effects. Our proprietary C-Core technology plays a part in our dry herb vaporizers, extract vaporizers, e-rigs and more, and provides the most even heating experience possible.

So how does our unique ceramic accomplish all of this, and what are the benefits of ceramic in general for vaping?

An Ooze Onyx Atomizer is on the left above the word ceramic, and has the blue core showing. On the right is a quartz atomizer with the coils showing

Heat distribution

Ceramic has better heat distribution than quartz, which means that it can heat the extracts more evenly. This even heating helps to avoid hot spots and ensures that the wax or concentrate is vaporized evenly. When the material is heated evenly, every last drop get vaporized and there will be no trace of leftover wax behind. For this reason, you could argue that ceramic is more economical for concentrates. Plus, even heat distribution makes each vaping session predictable, so you know your limits and can save those giant clouds for the perfect moment.


Ceramic has a high absorption capacity, which means that it can retain more vaporized cannabinoids and release them slowly over time. This slow release allows for a more prolonged and consistent vaping experience, instead of scorching your throat or getting a burnt-tasting hit. The absorption property of ceramic really allows all the terpene flavors to shine since they have time to simmer, so to speak.

Ceramic vaping devices also tend to have a longer battery life than quartz, also thanks to the ability to retain heat. If it doesn’t have to work as hard to heat up the substance because it’s still warm, it won’t have to use as much of the battery.


Ceramic is generally more durable than quartz and can withstand higher temperatures without cracking or breaking. This durability makes ceramic a more reliable material for use in vaping devices, particularly in devices that require high-temperature heating. For most handheld vaping devices, quartz won’t crack just due to overheating, but it may be more likely than ceramic to break if dropped.

While both quartz and ceramic are suitable, safe and non-toxic materials for vaping devices, ceramic is generally considered better due to its superior heat distribution, absorption capacity and durability. Check out all of our innovative C-Core ceramic products!


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