The Ooze Brain Storm Collection

Ooze 2022 Theme of the Year

Every year, the Ooze design team creates dope new designs to deck out our rolling trays, lanyards, apparel, stickers, and more! This year’s Theme of the Year is our Brain Storm design, which is a cartoon explosion that depicts what we imagine the inside of your brain looks like after a long smoke session.

The longer you look at it, the more funny details you notice! Forget the frying egg in a pan, the Brain Storm collection is what your brain really looks like on weed.

Limited Edition Vape Pens, Apparel, & More!

We went all out this year and created an entire collection that rocks the Brain Storm design. In addition to our classic metal rolling trays, we also dripped some t-shirts and hoodies out, made a new retractable lanyard, put together a whole new sticker pack, and even have a reusable bag that’s covered in the design.

Don’t wait around to make these your own, they’re limited edition and will only be available this year!

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