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    Rolling Trays

    Rolling Trays

    Ooze is home to a wide variety of custom rolling trays. We create high-quality trays for rolling with many different design options created by our talented crew of Ooze artists. We have a dope selection of glass rolling trays, metal rolling trays, grinder rolling trays, and biodegradable rolling trays to choose from!

    Our glass rolling tray is made with premium shatter-resistant glass material so, you don’t have to worry about any party fouls. Plus, every glass tray features a curved edge which is ideal for keeping your bud safe during your rolling process.

    If you’re looking for a durable weed rolling tray, our metal rolling tray is an excellent choice that comes in small, medium, and large rolling tray sizes. These metal trays also feature a raised edge to protect against accidental spillage! 

    Do you love the planet? Our biodegradable rolling trays are made from a mix of bamboo powder which means they will fully break down in a compost environment in 1-2 years.  Now, you can save the earth one smoke sesh at a time!  

    Dreaming of a rolling tray grinder combo? We have just the thing! The Ooze Grinder Tray combines your two favorite things into one unique gadget.  

    Have any questions about our roller trays, dab mats, and other smoking accessories? Check out the Ooze Life Blog and Ooze Life Youtube channel for the latest information on all things Ooze! 

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