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Can You Get Lit and Lift? Cannabis and Exercise

A common misconception about cannabis is that it makes you tired and lazy, but it can actually evoke productivity. Many studies have found that, despite that fact that THC increases heart rate and blood pressure, healthy people without heart conditions can benefit from cannabis to aid their workouts. Along with helping accelerate the recovery process, smoking can actually help you get more out of your workout.

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Motivate Yourself!

Usually the hardest part of getting in shape isn’t the exercise itself, it’s getting to the gym in the first place. Weed can really help with just getting you out the door! While too much of it can surely put you in a zombie-like state, a moderate amount or even micro-dose can be really effective for motivation. It also reduces habits often caused by depression, like avoiding the gym to stay under the covers, and makes the thought of working out a bit more exciting when you’re not in the mood. Once you’re at the gym, your high will keep doing good things for your workout. Many report an increase in stamina during cardio because they can more easily “zone out” and get into that “runner’s high” much quicker… because we’re already high!


It's Medicine After All

It’s also been reported by many athletes that cannabis increases the pain threshold. Our bodies feel great after we smoke because the inflammation decreases in our bodies, which helps reduce pain in itself, but THC also diverts our focus away from the pain. Working out tends to be a mental game—ever heard the phrase “your mind gives up before your body does”? That’s because we’re so focused on our discomfort that our minds accentuate the sensation. Smoking before a workout can shift our awareness away from our discomfort so we can focus more on practicing good form and getting more reps in.


Those who swear by cannabis to aid their workouts partake not only before exercising, but afterwards as well. Cannabis directly decreases inflammation in the body, which helps the muscles recover. More importantly, cannabis is extremely helpful for sleep—the most important aspect of recovery. When you give your body deep, uninterrupted sleep, it’s able to effectively recover. Cannabis often helps users fall asleep much faster and has even improved symptoms of sleep apnea.  

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Ignite Your Bowl & Your Workout

Think you could benefit from a hit or two before a workout? Here’s how to successfully get lit and lift.

  1. Ideally, you’ll consume the marijuana in a way that’s healthy for your lungs like eating edibles, using tinctures or vaporizing.
  2. Make sure you have an awesome playlist lined up for your sweat session.
  3. Stay hydrated during your workout— you’ll be sweating a lot! Drinking water before and during your workout alleviates the symptoms of dry mouth that Mary Jane often brings.  
  4. Follow your workout with a weed-infused protein bar or other edible (lung-safe!) to help you sleep soundly and recover beautifully.


With all this being said, not everyone will be able to utilize cannabis to zone out on the treadmill, sleep like a baby or decrease muscle discomfort. Everyone is different, so just see what works for you. And if exercising isn’t really your thing, check out our other tips on how to be a productive stoner!

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