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Booster Onyx Atomizer Replacement 2-Pack

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The Onyx Atomizer provides our most even, efficient heat for vaping EVER! When you load tons of sticky substances into a bucket, over time it’ll need to be replaced. Grab a 2-pack to keep on Boostin’!  read more
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The Onyx Atomizer is the power source of every Ooze C-Core device for concentrates. It’s a deep atomizer bucket that has the patented Azul ceramic core dish in the bottom. If you look closely inside the bucket, you’ll notice that there is a gap on either side of the dish. The Onyx Atomizer has an engineered airflow that pulls air in below the bucket and up on either side of the dish, allowing it to circulate through the entire atomizer and not just around the top. The result is absolute maximum vaporization of your dab!

While the Onyx Atomizer is our most advanced atomizer EVER, it’s still an atomizer at the end of the day. That means that eventually, you’ll need to swap out the original for a fresh new bucket. Simply unscrew the Onyx Atomizer inside your Booster and discard. Take a new Onyx Atomizer out of this replacement pack, screw it in, and you’re back in business.

  • OOZE C-CORE | The Ooze C-Core is the future of vaping. Our patented technology provides faster heating and better flavors for an overall smarter vape experience.
  • EASY TO CLEAN | The Onyx Atomizer has a flat dish in the bottom that’s easy to clean. Just add a drop or two of isopropyl alcohol to the dish (don’t flood it!) and heat the device until the dish is dry and returns to blue.
  • AZUL CERAMIC DISH | Each Onyx Atomizer features our Azul ceramic core dish in the bottom. Since it’s flat, there’s nowhere for extract to pool and leave residue, resulting in super efficient dabs with minimal leftovers!
  • HEAVY METAL FREE | The Onyx Atomizer provides 100% heavy metal free vaping! The Azul ceramic dish has no exposed metal heating components for pure, smooth vapor.
  • 2-PACK | Keep your Booster fresh to death with a replacement pack of Onyx Atomizers. Each box comes with two replacement buckets to refresh your device.

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