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Hit a Home Run with the Slugger Dabbin Dugout Extract Travel Kit

Hit a Home Run with the Slugger Dabbin Dugout Extract Travel Kit - Silicone Concentrates Nectar Collector Teal Blue

Jane Wagner |

Using marijuana concentrates has evolved from a more obscure practice for the most intense users, to one of the most popular ways to light up in just a few years. The extreme potency of wax, shatter, rosin - you name it, makes getting to that final destination of euphoria a much shorter journey. Taking a fat dab can feel like getting straight-up punched in the face, but in the best way.

Despite how easy concentrates make it to actually get high, the process of and equipment needed to do so is typically clunky and inconvenient. Dab rigs can be bulky and complicated, and electronic nails can be inconsistent with heat levels while taking forever to cool down. The cannabis community needs something new, something that resembles the easy pack-and-go model of the one-hitter dugouts of previous stoner generations.

Hit a home run with the ooze slugger dabbin dugout silicone extract travel kit concentrates nectar collector

Innovation at its Finest

And now we introduce the Ooze Slugger Dabbin’ Duggout: the on-the-go solution for enjoying cannabis concentrates. Now you can get that feeling of being slugged by a dab anytime, anywhere. This silicone contraption includes just about all the tools needed to do so. The inconspicuous design resembles an external hard drive with just a raised Ooze logo to hint at what lies inside. 

Popping open the flaps on the short end reveals the silicone dab straw and two nail attachments to choose from. The borosilicate glass and titanium nails both function the exact same; switch one out when the other gets gunked up, or if you’re looking for a different taste experience. A torch is necessary to properly heat the nail to the proper temperature, which isn’t included in this kit.

Hit a home run with the slugger dabbin dugout ooze silicone extract travel kit concentrates nectar collector three people smoking men women dabbing taking a dab

The compartment on the top reveals a glass bowl to load and dab the concentrates from. The bowl can be easily removed for a quick wipe down to prevent your dugout from becoming a sticky mess. The glass bowl is oval-shaped, so it’s much easier to get every last precious drop of wax through the straw without corners to get stuck in.

The Slugger is ideal for true concentrate connoisseurs, as it has four separate chambers along the side for storing a variety of strains. Each rectangular compartment is deep enough to hold a solid amount of product, and the non-stick aspect makes loading your dab into the bowl a breeze.

Strong and Stealthy

Hit a home run with the ooze slugger dabbin dugout extract travel kit concentrates silicone nectar collector

Durability is key when designing a travel piece. The Slugger is crafted solely from silicone, making it completely unbreakable. Simply pack your straw, nail and bowl away, seal the flaps over your golden dab, and toss it in your bag. No need to put it in a hard case; there are no pieces to worry about breaking off or cracking.

The Slugger Dabbin’ Dugout has brought the ease and portability of the classic flower dugouts our uncles used to the 21st century. Now you can enjoy the delicious taste and potency of your favorite concentrates whenever, wherever.

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